Do you know Facts About Mercury? Mercury is the difficult planet to be observed for a centuries. Now the biggest secret of Mercury has been revealed due to the success of two spacecraft to visit Mercury. They are NASA’s Mariner 10 in the mid-1970s and Messenger (Mercury Surface, Space Environment, Geochemistry and ranging) that has been tried three times to fly to the planet since 2008, which finally managed to enter Mercury’s orbit in March. Here are 10 facts about Mercury you should know.

Facts About Mercury

  1. Mercury is the second densest planet in the solar system. Many scientists suspect that Mercury has a big nucleus, or about two-thirds of its mass. On Earth, it is essentially only one-third portion.
  2. Mercury has a magnetic field. Many researchers believe that Mercury’s magnetic field is generated by the process of “dynamo” earth-like which is driven by turbulent electrically conductive (the liquid metal in the planet’s outer core).
  3. Half of the planet Mercury never before seen. NASA initially had only half the surface of Mercury images taken by Mariner 10 in three flights during 1974-1975. The nearest flight carried by 10 Mariner is 327 km from the planet’s surface was detected a magnetic field. In the year  2008 NASA was successfully takes the pictures with better resolution and for the first time NASA managed to take pictures of other parts of the Mercury.
  4. There might be ice on Mercury. This is one of many facts about Mercury which makes you wondering about the truth of this fact since Mercury’s distance is very close to the sun. It means that this planet is very hot. Actually there is a part on Mercury’s surface that does not heat the part of the crater is located around the Poles are always located in the shadow. Therefore this area can have a temperature of 100 degrees below zero which allows the water contained in the form of ice that have been here for millions of years. Search ice on the planet to be one of NASA’s MESSENGER mission.
  5. Mercury can be seen with our own eyes. Basically, Mercury is difficult to be observed since it orbits the sun at a closer distance than the planet Earth. It can be observed only when the sun will set or sunrise within a short time. At sunrise we could see to the east and at sunset we can see towards the west. If the time is right we will see a very bright spot compared to others besides the Sun.
  6. In ancient times people have known this planet .The Greeks and the ancient Roman called it God Hermes.
  7. Mercury has an atmosphere. A little gravity on Mercury makes it difficult to form such atmosphere that exists on earth. Mercury has an atmosphere containing hydrogen, helium, oxygen, calcium, sodium, potassium and others that do not form a stable atmosphere. There is a constant flow of atoms into orbit around Mercury, and struck down by the solar wind into space.
  8. Mercury has an eccentric orbit compared to any other planets. This fact is due to the issuance of Pluto from the ranks of the planets. It means that Mercury’s orbit is elliptical so that it has an arbitrary distance to the sun. At the closest point the Mercury has a range of 46 million miles and at the furthest point has a distance of 76 million miles from the sun.
  9. Mercury’s orbit proves Einstein’s theory of relativity. Astronomers realized something was wrong with Mercury when it close to the earth. Its movement becomes slower when Mercury close to the sun and the astronomers cannot answer it. Finally, with the Einstein relativity calculations we can calculate it accurately.
  10. Hubble (a space telescope) can’t see all part of Mercury .This telescope has not been used to observe Mercury and likely will never be since Mercury is too close to the sun that can damage Hubble optical and electronic circuits.
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Actually ,there are a lot of facts about mercury have not been revealed but all of the facts above are mostly discussed.