Do you know facts about rats? Rats are a family of rodents from the order Rodentia. The best known species of mice are mice and black rats which are found in almost all countries and constitute an important model organism in biology. The facts about mice that will be reviewed in this article can give you a deeper understanding of mice.

10 Facts About Rats You Must Know

  1. Mice have a very good memory

Have you ever wondered why mice are always used in laboratory experiments? Yes, mice are not only smart animals, but they also have excellent memory and are often analyzed by researchers, particularly in the study of animal behavior. The excellent memory of mice helps them to be able to map the room and remember all the routes they have taken for a long time.

  1. Rats are social animals

Research on the study of rodent behavior reveals that rodents such as rats are actually the most sociable animals, and have the most social behavior among other rodents. They will prefer to live in groups with other rats and be very close to their families.

Rats are also known as “commensal creatures” because of their ability to have an intimate relationship with humans. The intelligence of mice is what they use to be able to live closely with humans through their habit of nesting and enjoying human food in the house without you even knowing it.

  1. Rats have a suspicious nature

Have you ever felt tired of trapping rats at home? Don’t be disappointed just yet! Besides it is not easy to trap rats at home without the help of a rat exterminator service, it turns out that mice are easily suspicious of something new they find in their environment.

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It took a while (between one and several days) for the mice to get used to the mousetrap that was set up near where they were used to. This is why mousetrap results are never instantaneous and take time to come to fruition.

  1. Rats are very clean animals

Even though the reputation of rats is a dirty and disgusting animal, who would have thought that naturally rats are very clean animals and really don’t like their bodies dirty! Rats will groom themselves or bathe regularly for several hours each day, even more often than cats.

  1. Rats are colour blind and have poor eyesight

Rats are animals that have poor eyesight! And just like humans in general who are colour blind – mice are only able to see a few colours and perceive certain colours as grey.

Despite their lack of vision, rats have a very sensitive sense of taste through their whiskers. They will use their whiskers as sensory cues to support their daily activities, such as touching objects, navigating directions and tools to distinguish any food they find.

  1. Rats are agile climbers, jumpers and swimmers

In general, all rat species are very fast and agile, just as you can see in a dog or cat. Don’t believe that statement?

The following are some of the amazing “notes” that mice can achieve through their agility:

  • The black rat is an excellent climber and this species of rat can climb slightly rough surfaces up or down
  • Black rats, also known as Norwegian rats, can jump 77 cm vertically and 120 cm horizontally
  • Rats can swim and wade in water for up to three days, and even hold their breath for long periods in the water
  1. Rats have sharp teeth
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Rats have a pair of incisors which are very sharp and grow continuously throughout their life. Their strong and sharp incisors serve many functions including as a means of defence and a weapon in destroying hard objects to gain access into your home through walls or roofs.

Nonetheless, the mice had to make sure that their incisors grew in a controlled manner, or else they would kill themselves.

This is the reason why they will continually sharpen their incisors by chewing or gnawing solid objects such as aluminium, wood, wire, and soft objects such as plastics and electrical cables which can be a fire hazard.

  1. The mouse has a tail with many functions

Rats use their tails for many things and one of them is for balance. In addition, they also function as a means of communication with other mice as well as a way to control or adjust their bodies to the right temperature.

  1. There are more than 60 species of rats in the world

According to data from the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), there are at least 60 species of rats that can be found worldwide. Each species or type of mouse has varying sizes, ranging in size from one inch to 10 inches or known as giant rats.

There are at least 2 species of rats that most often interfere with private homes and business properties, including the black rat (Rattus hundred) and the black rat or Norwegian rat (Rattus norvegicus).

  1. Mice have a high reproductive ability

Unlike other pests, rats do not have a breeding season, and are known for their high reproductive capacity in a short period of time. A female mouse generally will go through a gestation period 6 times a year, and in one period they will give birth to about 12 pups, although 5-10 cubs more often.

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The mice reach sexual maturity after 4-5 weeks, meaning a population can swell from just 2 mice to about 1,250 mice in one year with the potential for the rat population to grow exponentially larger.

Rat Control Technique

Specifically, for mouse control techniques you can use several attempts. Using traps, glue, or rat poison are common methods of controlling rat pests. You can also try using some plants or spices to control these pests, such as bulbs. You can also try raising crickets because the sound of crickets will greatly disturb the hearing of mice.

Those are some facts about mice. Some of these interesting facts you may just know. Hopefully this article is useful and can add to your insight.