Who doesn’t know ants? Do you know facts about ants? Ants are small animals that we often encounter everywhere. Naturally, because the fact about ants shows that this tiny insect has an extraordinary number in the world. It is estimated that there are 1 million ants for every 1 human in the world. Fantastic isn’t it?

That is just one of the many facts about ants. This article only examines 11 unique facts about ants. These facts are guaranteed to amaze you with this little insect. What are the unique facts? Please read the following description!

11 Facts About Ants That Will Amaze You

  1. An ant colony can contain 300 million ants with a colony that reaches one building

Ants can live in colonies. Ant colonies come in various shapes and sizes. The super colony which is the nickname for the largest and largest ant colony that can contain up to 300 million ants with a colony of up to one building has been found in several countries such as Japan, Australia, America and Europe. Isn’t that amazing?

  1. Every ant have each assignment

Like an organization, ants who live in colonies have their respective roles. Although it may seem at first glance that they are doing the same activity, the fact is that the ants live in groups and each carries its own role.

In one colony, there is an ant queen whose job is to lay eggs. Meanwhile, worker ants have tasks such as feeding larvae, making colony dung, storing food or defending the nest.

  1. Ants have no ears
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Ants do not have ears is a fact. But that doesn’t mean that the ants can’t hear. Ants can hear without ear organs but by feeling vibrations on the surface. On its knees and feet there are sensors, while the antennae and fine hairs around the body help the ants find food.

  1. There is one species of ant that is all female and thus becomes asexual

In general, worker ants are male ants while there are only one female ant and will become queens with the task of laying eggs. However, the species of ants Mycocepurus smithii in America is different because the worker ants are clones of the queen so that it makes all the ants in the colony female.

  1. Ants can lift 10 to 50 times their body weight

You may be curious about this ant fact. Why can ants lift weights 10 to 50 times more than their body mass? Yes, even though they were small, the muscles they had were much thicker than their own body mass. This is what makes it possible for the ant to carry objects tens of times heavier and larger than himself.

  1. Not all ants have a home

We have often heard that ant colonies make nests or houses for them. However, there is one type of ant that is called the army ant. There are two phases of this ant’s life, namely nomadic and silent.

During the nomadic phase, army ants will go around all day and attack other colonies and insects they find for food. Meanwhile, in the stationary phase, they will form a nest for a while just for the queen to lay eggs.

  1. Ants can be found in almost all parts of the world
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Ants can be found on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica. The cold temperature in the Antarctic region is the reason for the inability of the ants to survive. For islands like Greenland, they don’t have endemic ants, but instead the ants that are in the area are brought in from outside when people travel.

  1. Fire ants can cost the country up to 3 billion pounds per year

The fire ant bite can give a burning sensation to the bite area. This has caused losses of up to 3 billion pounds, or the equivalent of 51 trillion rupiah each year. This loss is for the purposes of treating people or animals who are victims of fire ant bites. In fact, this type of fire ant is a relatively small type of ant compared to other ant species.

  1. Insects that live the longest

Unlike most insects in general, which only live for a few days or even a few hours, queen ants of the species Pogonomyrmex Owyheei can live up to 30 years! Isn’t it amazing?

  1. Ants cannot get lost

The ant is a very industrious animal. They work hard to make ends meet. Sometimes they need to travel long distances to get food. In every mission they run, these insects always leave pheromones, chemical compounds that can leave a distinctive aroma. These pheromones act as traces of their existence among the group.

  1. Adept at farming since millions of years ago

Ants like humans are also able to grow crops to provide food for themselves. Is it true? This is explained in an article published on the newscientist page that based on rare facts found, ants plant first from humans. This happened three million years ago, while humans only did it about ten thousand years ago.

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Ants on the Fiji Islands, Philidris nagasau, plant seeds from the squamellaria fruit. There is also research from Guillaume Chomicki and colleagues from the University of Munich, Germany to find the fact that each ant colony planted dozens of squamellaria plant seeds simultaneously in adjacent locations. At a later stage the plant will connect to stretch over the nest as a food source.

Self Explosive Ants

Ant Facts

Photo by Marco Neri on Unsplash

Ants are very strong in defending the colony, especially in protecting the queen. The most common method of ants defending a colony from attack is by biting, but there are also types of ants that have an extreme way, namely by blowing themselves up.

The article on the cosmosmagazine page reviews scientists who have discovered a new species of ant that has a self-detonating defense mechanism. The ants cover the intruders with a poisonous, sticky liquid. This type of ant is called Colobopsis explodens or known as Yellow Goo. Most of the exploding ants live in the forests of Southeast Asia and were first recorded in 1916.

Those are the facts about ants that you may just know. Reading these facts may amaze some of you with this little insect. May be useful. Check other Animal Facts.