Did you fan of crickets and confident in showing your knowledge in fun facts about cricket? Hold on, you may only understand a few fun facts just because you heard it. This legendary sport has so many facts as people keep playing it year by year. With a long journey that cricket has been experienced, there are lots of events that happen in just one year or even one game.

Before we talk about cricket fun facts, we need to bring up first about the originality of cricket. Discovered and came originally from England, cricket consists of stick to bat the ball and the ball that made by wool. The player usually plays that in the land of short grass, which grass has been eating by the sheep. So, it won’t be disturbed when there are cricket games. As the games become famous, cricket ball then changed to the sturdy ball to make the games more interesting.

When The Cricket Was Found?

Early Village Cricket Games

Early Village Cricket Games

The cricket was first time aired and recorded in 1646. The people that day experience lot of euphoria for cricket and that makes them missed attending church. From this fact, we know that these sports are legendary for the first time it recorded. But, how about when it was first discovered? We still don’t know about the fact, but the expert says, the Norman or Anglo children in South-East England invented the game while they were playing.

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The Record Of Longest Cricket Games Ever

Cricket usually end in one day if it’s a match to decide which team will play next for semifinal or final match. For some team that has a strong defence, the match may end in 2 – 3 days. But how about it ended in 14 days? It’s too long but the England and South Africa team did it. After dozens tie result, the match ended in 14 days in 1939. It’s recorded as the longest cricket games so far.

Who Stopped The Cricket Fans

If you see how much the fans love cricket, they even brought their large umbrella to avoid sunlight when the summer strikes the games. They are as loyal as the football fans when it comes to watching the games. They will do everything to make the cricket games run smoothly. Unless there are lightning and heavy rain in the game area. They will go back to a safe place when there’s no lighting or rain come to them.

Player Who Experienced Ten Batting Position

In cricket, ten different batting positions will result in different ball strikes. The more precise the batting positions, the higher chance for a team to add some points and trick their opponents. In the history of cricket, there are only 4 people who can do ten batting positions. They are Lance Klusener, Shoaib Malik, Hasan Tillakaratne, and Abdur Rozak.

The Only Country That Win 20-Over, 50-Over, And 60-Over World Cup

India is the only country that wins for the different world cup. Start from 60-over World Cup in 1983 when they take down West Indies, 20-over World Cup in 2007 when they beat Srilanka. Last but not least, 50-over World Cup beat Srilanka in 2011.

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Facts About CricketIn high school, the game usually played in the break time after eating the canteen food. The students who obsessed with cricket even gathered first and play by themselves before another player come. It’s not hard to admit that cricket is such a fun game and it spurs our adrenaline. You can’t deny if you really into it after playing several games and feels it’s not good enough games. Moreover, if you are a fan and already know the cricket fun facts, you must be more excited to create new “fun facts“. Find more sport facts like Facts about volleyball and golf history facts by clicking the link.