Have you read Interesting Facts About 5G? Now we will telll you 5G fun facts that will amaze you. Technology is a wonderful thing! Just a few decades ago, the thought that any of us could access the internet while traveling was a work of fiction. However, within a very short time, we were able to start surfing the web and communicating with others via smartphones and tablets while on the move.

5G Fun Facts

Some of 5G fun facts

  1. This is thanks to the opening of faster and more reliable data standards, and 5G – which stands for fifth generation data – is set to become the fastest and most impressive technology standard.
  2. 5G networks are still an unknown entity to many, even though large companies are constantly developing hardware to be able to cope with the blazing fast internet on the go. Here are some of 5G that you would like to read abo
  3. 5G is set to offer something 4G – while impressive – will never be able to support. That’s 100% coverage. This means that, in essence, you need to be able to access 5G almost anywhere. Does this mean ending an annoying journey on the train when you lose your signal? We’ll have to wait and see.
  4. 5G will actually work more efficiently for the internet and phone providers in the future too. It is assumed that 5G, when undergoing various tests, will result in up to 90% reduction in energy expenditure over its lifetime. Again, we’ll have to wait and see!
  5. Theoretically, a 5G network will support more devices than 4G per what is described as a ‘unit area’. Hence, he is said to be much more flexible, and much more capable. So far, experts have assumed, that we may be able to connect 100x more devices than before in a given area.
  6. Spending on IoT in 2023 is expected to peak around $ 1.1 trillion. That’s a staggering amount of money invested purely in hardware – not just connectivity itself!
  7. It is also predicted that the 5G network will have a very large knock-on effect for robotics and AI. Therefore, we’re likely to see big strides being made in terms of home robotics, and a more advanced version of Amazon’s Echo and Google Home Hub reaching properties around the world in the coming years.
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How are the developments of 5G in any country in Indonesia?

By 2023, projections show that there will be more than 1.3 billion active 5G subscriptions worldwide. It is also multiple devices connected to the internet at one time! 5G is set to bring the world closer through something called the Internet of Things, or IoT.

IoT refers to objects and hardware that, via the internet, connect with each other to share data. For example, a driverless car could receive signals from local traffic checkers or satellites to inform them of an impending traffic jam. Or, in a simpler example, you could ask your toaster to communicate with your phone alarm to notify you when your breakfast is ready.

Those are 5G fun facts. We hope this article can benefits you a lot!