In previous post we’ve discussed about Katy Perry Facts and Serena Quintanilla Facts. Now, we will tell you about a rising star from social media. Among American rising stars who got famous from social media is Cameron Dallas. This 26 years old Internet personality is a popular Viner who have starred at least 3 movies. He has started his social media journey since 2013. Here are some facts about Cameron Dallas where you can tell about his personal details, career, and love life.

Facts About Cameron Dallas – His Family

This American star was born in Los Angeles County on September 8, 1994. It means that this year, the rising star is going to be 27. His full name is Cameron Alexander Dallas but he is known with the name Cameron Dallas. He has a beautiful sister, named Hayley Dallas who is 4 years older. She is also active in social media. They are raised by their mom, Gina Dallas. They lived in Chino Hills, California.

How Did He Rise To Fame?

Cameron started to be popular among Vine users when he posted short videos to Vine in 2012. The videos that he shared were mostly pranks or jokes about his family. The videos successfully attracts a great number of followers. In two years, his Vine account became the 11th most-followed account.


Vine is not the only thing that rose Cameron’s popularity. He’s famous in other platforms as well. He created Magcon Boys together with other social media stars, Matt Espinosa, and Carter Reynolds. Meanwhile, he was also becoming a famous internet personality particularly in YouTube and TikTok.

Cameron’s Career And Works

His success on Vine was the starting point in his career. In 2014, The CEO of Awesomeness TV, Brian Robbins offered a role in a movie “Expelled” which was released a year later. In his movie, he played a role as Felix O’Neil, a disobedient prankster who thinks that attending school is a waste of time, thus he is expelled.

In 2015, he appeared as a guest star on two episodes of “America Odyssey”. Through this NBC thriller TV series, more people began to know him as an actor. Not long after his special appearance in the series, he starred in “The Outfield”. He became best-friend with Nash Grier who also took part in the American sports comedy-drama.

In 2016, he got a role “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising,” an American comedy film starred by Zac Efron. Unfortunately, his scenes were deleted so he didn’t appear on the film. Still in the same year, Cameron announced his Netflix reality TV show “Chasing Cameron”. The series is about Cameron’s life as a social media influencer.

Not only did Cameron exist in film industry, he also developed his career in music and modelling. In 2015, his debut single “She bad” released. The song was very popular on Spotify. Another single was launched in 2018. It’s the “Why Haven’t I Met You” which were viewed by millions of viewers on YouTube.

In addition to film and music, Cameron Dallas also ventured into fashion and modelling. In 2014, he teamed up with Aeropostale and launched a clothing line with his best friends Nash Grier. He took part in Calvin Klein’s jeans campaign in 2016. He also appeared in other campaigns for popular world’s class brands such as The American Eagle, Dolce & Gabbana, and Penshoppe.

Recently in 2020, Cameron played in the Broadway Musical “Mean Girls”.  He stepped into the role of Aaron Samuels. The role was actually intended to Kyle Andrew Selig. However due to his leave of absence, Cameron replaced him temporarily.

Cameron’s Personal Issue

It’s not uncommon that rising stars often face a number of personal issue and Cameron Dallas is no exception. Cameron was caught punching a man in the face in a hotel in Colorado. He was arrested on New Year’s Eve in 2018 because of that. A year later, in the autumn of 2019, he confessed that he had been struggling with depression, addiction, and family trauma. He took treatment to deal with that.

Later in the same year, he opened a charity to help people who were struggling with addiction seek for treatment. Since he went public about his depression and addiction, he has become a mental health advocate and openly spoken about any materials related to mental health.

Cameron Dallas Dating History

Fans have always been wondering about who Cameron is dating. In 2016 a rumor spread that Cameron was in a relationship with a Bohemian model, Chase Carter, as he uploaded a photo of them having a vacation together. The rumor disappeared as soon after that, Cameron dated Hailey Baldwin (now Hailey Bieber). However, they broke up after 10 months.

In 2017, Cameron was caught kissing an Italian personality, Giorgia Caldarulo. However, there was no follow-up information about their relationship. Currently, Cameron is dating an American model Madisyn Menchaca. They have been together since October 2019.

Cameron Dallas Net Worth

Cameron is definitely a popular internet personality. He has more than 21.5 million followers on Instagram and over 5 million people subscribe his YouTube channel, the one that he has created since 2013. Not only is he a social media s tar, he is also a popular singer and actor who has accomplished so many projects.

In 2018 he has made $4 million and in 2020 his net worth is estimated to be $5 million. It is the result of his work as a singer, actor, model, and social media influencer.

Other Trivia Facts

Cameron Dallas is fond of R&B music. Bruno Mars is his favorite singer. Whenever he has free time, he listens to music and TV shows. His favorite TV show is ‘That 70’s Show’. Edward Norton and Chris Hemsworth are some of his favorite actors.

He is also into sports, particularly skateboarding. He is a great skateboarder. His favorite foods are Mexican foods. He likes ice cream with chocolate chips but he dislike anything with Nutella. Cameroon favorite destination is Miami. No wonder that he has been spending his vacation in the magic city several times. He posted some photos on his social media capturing his trip in Miami. What other facts about Cameron Dallas do you know?

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