Accounting is considered as a crucial part of running business. It helps you track expenditures, income, and many other tasks dealing with financial information. From the aforementioned tasks, it is clear that accounting is not necessary a field associated with ‘excitement’ or ‘fun’. However, some accounting fun facts are just interesting to learn. Here are a few of them that hopefully can make your day.

Accounting Fun Facts

Accounting Fun Facts: The Invention Of Bubble-Gum

Fun Facts Of Accountant

Founder Of Bubble Gum

You might be wondering about what the relationship between accounting and bubble-gum is. It is about who invented it. Do you know that the inventor of bubble-gum is an accountant from Philadelphia? His name is Walter E. Diemer. He was working as an accountant at Fleer in the mid of 1920 when he invented bubble-gum. Fleer was a company that produce gums. It started when he randomly tried new gum recipes that resulted in stretched yet less sticky formula.

The First CPA

In order to be a professional accountant, you need to pass CPA certification. It is given by AICPA, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Other countries also have certifications equivalent to the CPA. Do you know when the first CPA examination was held? It was in 1896. The examination was conducted in New York. There were more than one hundred certificates given to the participants.

There were three accountants who passed the first exam. They are known as the key figures in accounting. They are Edward C. Charles, Joseph Hardcastle, and William H. Jasper. Those studying accounting are probably familiar with these names.

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A Highly Regarded Profession

People who choose to study accounting are not only those who have a knack for numbers. Many people are interested in this field because it is considered as a major that can lead to good and promising career. Accounting is definitely a good career choice. Almost every business needs accounting whether it is nonprofit or government institution. In other words, looking for a job is easy if you are an accountant.

Accounting fun facts

An Accountant In Office

It is also a job with opportunities for advancement. Furthermore, options are endless when it comes to accounting. You can work as a bookkeeper, public accountant, financial analyst, auditor, accounting, manager, and many more. Whatever position you choose, it is easy to make career advancement as long as you are willing to pursue higher education and earn more certification.  More importantly, accountants earn good pay and benefits even starting from their early years.

International Day Of Accountant

Not many people know that the 10th of November is commemorated as the International Accounting Day. The date is chosen because on the day in 1949, the father or accounting, Luca Pacioli published an influential book entitled “Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita”. The famous book discusses materials related to accounting and mathematic including geometry and proportion. Venice was the place of the publication.

Known as the father of accounting, Pacioli was also a lecture in a number of universities. Two of the most popular universities where he taught were University of Rome and University of Naples.

The Ancient Accounting

The methods of accounting first emerged more than 10,000 years ago somewhere in the Middle East region. It all started with the needs of measuring the results of labor. Therefore, the ancient Egyptians created simple arithmetic to keep track of trade, animals, and labors. Since then, the methods began to develop.

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These accounting fun facts are interesting, aren’t they? After knowing the facts, did you began to be interested in being an accountant? Apart from being a rewarding position, it is a career path that is interesting to explore. Read also other Work Facts namely Engineering Fun Facts.