Are you someone who is addicted to cigarettes, wants to quit smoking, or is a passive smoker who wants to raise awareness in the people around you? If you are one of them, then keep reading the following anti-smoking facts articles! There are times when we are aware of the dangers of smoking, but over time, we ignore it and move on. How big is the real danger of smoking for public health?

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Anti-Smoking Facts and Its Effects on Society

While we understand that one of the positive steps to leading a healthy life and long life is not smoking, it is equally important to understand the consequences of smoking. That way, we can choose a more appropriate lifestyle if one day we are tempted to try it.

The following is data on the effects of smoking on health in society that should not be completely ignored:

  1. In 2016 alone, there were 37.8 million smokers in the United States according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The eight states in the US that are recorded as having a sizable number of active smokers are Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Ohio, and West Virginia. Recorded as much as 21.8% of adults are smokers and one in four adults smoke actively in West Virginia. Currently, the total number of smokers in the world reaches approximately 1.3 billion people, which WHO estimates will increase to 1.6 billion people by 2025.
  2. Anti-smoking can prevent us from chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders and other dangerous diseases caused by tobacco smoke, which is recorded at around 16 million people in America.
  3. Anti-smoking facts must be understood by every generation of society because the death rate due to smoking is up to 1 million more than combined with other dangerous diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and even HIV.
  4. Not smoking means surviving one in five deaths each year in the United States that are caused by smoking, which accounts for approximately 480,000 people per year.
  5. We must support anti-smoking because exposure to cigarette smoke is very dangerous because the victims are known as passive smokers. Whereas many as 1.2 million victims die each year due to exposure to cigarette smoke.
  6. Why denying anti-smoking facts if it harms one in thirteen children in the United States? Their lives are threatened because of the disease caused by smoking.
  7. If we have only heard so far that lung cancer is a major risk, then you need to renew your vigilance. Because in fact, smoking can cause any cancer in your vital organs and even strokes and coronary heart disease, the risk is up to 400%. This is caused by 250 dangerous chemical substances in cigarettes, of which 11 are categorized as Group I Carcinogens, and the remaining 50 cause cancer.
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The Other Side of the Negatives of Cigarettes

  • Apart from health, smoking is also bad for the global economy. At least 80% of active smokers are residents of lower middle-income countries. It can also be seen in the United States that almost twice the number of smokers in the United States comes from people below the poverty line when compared to the percentage of people on the other hand which is only about half.
  • Instead of being profitable, the sale of tobacco in the United States costs at least more than $ 300 billion each year because these funds relate to reduced or complete loss of productivity from smoking-related illness and death and funding for medical care.
  • Even more terrible, the mass killing compounds (genocide) in World War II, hydrogen cyanide, polonium, and radioactive lead, can be found in cigarette smoke. Then can we ignore the anti-smoking facts?

Despite the dangers that always lurk, cigarettes are still traded with fantastic numbers around the world, namely as many as five trillion are produced and smoked each year, 15 billion are sold per day, and 10 million cigarettes are sold per minute. If we don’t start to realize and make people around us aware of the importance of anti-smoking facts, then when? read further info about dangerous of smoking especially in car in this article Smoking in Car Facts That You Need to Know.