Who doesn’t know Charlie Puth? How about Charlie Puth Facts? Since his debut, this 30 years old American singer and rapper has attracted lots of youngsters. Fans are obsessed with him not only because he is gifted beautiful voice but he is also an incredible song writer. If you want to know more about the singer if “One Call Away”, you are on the right page. Here are some facts about Charlie Puth including how he learned to sing to how he got famous.

Charlie Puth’s Birthday

This pop singer was born in Rumson, New Jersey on December 2, 1991 which made him a Sagittarian. His name in his birth certificate is Charles Otto Puth Jr. Charlie is actually a nickname he got as he grew older.  Last month he celebrated his 29th birthday. Because of his baby-face, many people thought he was younger than his age. He was raised in a happy family. He has two younger twin siblings, Mikaela and Stephen

How He Developed His Musical Talent

It is true that Charlie was born with talent in music. However, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to develop the talent if he didn’t keep learning. Therefore, he started playing piano when he was in high school. He attended Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School as his regular schooling and he also went to the Manhattan School of Music Pre-College to focus on learning jazz piano.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the Berklee College of Music majoring in music production and engineering. He graduated in 2013 and decided to choose music industry as his career path. Puth said that at first he wanted to be a jazz player, but he also had a great interest in pop as just like his parents do.

When he was only eleven, he recorded his Christmas album and even produced it on his own. He sold the album copies door to door in Rumson and its nearby areas and made $600. Raised in a religious family, he donated all of the money in the local church. Not long after that, he posted some videos of him singing to YouTube. Some were the covers of popular songs while the others were the songs he wrote on his own.

His Career

Puth made his first channel in September 2009 called ‘Charlie’s Vlogs’. He posted some comedy videos and cover videos. A year later in 2010, he released his first music video. Then, still in 2010, he launched his debut EP ‘The Otto Tunes’.

In 2011, he joined an online video competition sponsored by the American TV figure Perez Hilton. He sang Adele’s song ‘Someone like you’ with Emily Luther. Enjoying his performance with the song, Ellen DeGeneres became interested in Puth and she signed him to her label. It was a great turning point for Puth as it increased his fan base all over the world both offline and online. Puth said that he’d never imagined that he would reach such a new level.

In October 2012, he released his second EP, ‘Ego’. In addition to write songs for his own singles, he also wrote songs for other singers particularly his fellow YouTube personalities.

He made contract with Atlantic Records in the beginning of 2015, right waster his first single ‘Marvin Gaye’ was released. The single was very successful as it topped numerous charts in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and America.

In January 2016, ‘Nine Track Mind’ was released as Puth’s debut album. Perhaps not many people, including his fans, know that the album was actually scheduled to be released 3 months before. Even though the album got a lot of negative reviews and critics, it peaked at number 6 on the Billboard 100. Even, one of the singles ranked the first in some charts in many countries such as UK and France.  

The Most Significant Work Of His Career

Among many albums and other works Charlie Puth has made, his debut album entitled ‘Nine Track Mind’ is considered as the most major work so fat. It ranked 6 on the US Billboard 200. Inside the album are some singles that became a huge hit in many countries across the world. ‘Margin Gaye’, for example, the album’s lead single released in February 2-15, stood at number 21 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Another single ‘One Call Away’ was also a triumph, standing at number 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Despites its success, however, the album got negative critics.

In addition to music albums, Puth worked in television as well. In 2016, he played a small role in the TV show ‘Undateable’. Puth played as himself in one of the episodes of the series. The series is about the life of a 34-year-old carefree and single man named Danny Burton, focusing on his love and sex life.

His Love Life

Recently, Charlie Puth was romantically linked to a musician and model Charlotte Lawrence. The relationship started in the beginning of 2019, but after 9 months, Charlie posted a video in his Instagram, confirming that he was currently single.

Before Charlotte, he has been linked to some of famous celebrities from Meghan Trainor to Selena Gomez. Right before dating Charlotte, Charlie was spotted spending time with Halston Sage. The couple posted some PDA videos on their Instagram but they never confirmed that they were dating.

Back then in 2016, there was also a rumor cycling that Charlie was dating Selena Gomez. Fans believed that Charlie had a feeling to Selena but she claimed they were just friends. In the same year, he also worked with Meghan Trainor and again, fans thought there’s something between the two especially because Charlie kissed Meghan when performing in American Music Awards. However, Charlie said they were always friends.

Among some Charlie Puth facts above, which one do you already knew? Knowing such celebrities facts is always interesting. Not only can we know further about our idol, we can also be inspired from the way they pursue and reach their career goals as a successful singer.