Egg Nutrition Facts will give you all information about the nutrition that the egg owns inside. Egg is something that human usually consume for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So, before you consume the egg, you should know about the nutrition that the egg has inside from egg nutrition facts. Many researches said that egg is very nutritious food for human. Because of there are many kinds of nutrition that the body needs can be found in the eggs.  Somebody’s that want to have diet usually put the egg as one of important food to eat to earn the best result in losing weight. Therefore, many athletes also consume eggs to have the healthy and fit body.

Now, talking about egg nutrition facts, there are many essential vitamins and minerals which are have many benefits to the body. The vitamins that the egg has according to egg nutrition facts include vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D and vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant for the body, can prevent the diseases, maintaining body’s the health and good for the skin health. Vitamin A is very necessary to eyes, assist to improve the visions at night. Vitamin B12 is very important for the growth and can prevent against heart disease. The last, Vitamin D is mainly need by the bones and tooth, can protect against auto-immune diseases and certain cancers.

Besides the vitamins, egg nutrition facts will described other main nutritional substances of egg such as iron, selenium, folate, lutein and zeaxanthin also choline. Folate is the substances that needs for producing and maintaining new cells, prevent anemia and very important for the pregnant women to prevent birth defects. Selenium is the mineral for antioxidant and prevents the damage to the body tissues. Choline is something that really needs for brain function and development. Lutein and zeaxanthin are the substances that good for the eyes and prevent the diseases of the eyes such as cataracts.  There are still many other egg nutrition facts for everyone to know about.

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The main important substance of egg nutritional facts is protein. Protein which the egg has is high quality protein that rich with amino acids. There are 9 amino acids that can’t be produced by the human’s body and the protein has the 20 different amino acids. It is very important for the human to consume the egg because of these amino acids.  Protein in egg nutritional facts is very important to build and repair body tissues. All of the organs in the body are made from protein. That’s make the protein is very essential to consume and the best source of protein is the eggs.

However, from egg nutritional facts, the egg also consists of fats. The fat is mostly can be found in the yolk. But, it just contains 11% or around 7 grams of large fried egg. The cholesterol contains of a fried egg is about 7% and it is totally good cholesterol for health. But, if you want to burn the cholesterol from your body you can do these activities; 20 minutes light football, 10 minutes of circuit trainings or 18 minutes calisthenics. That’s all the egg nutritional facts can tell you about.