Engineering is often associated with the use of math and science to make or design things such as roads, vehicles, machines, tunnels, and more. That is why people who design or build things are called engineers. In other words, engineers solve technical problems using their skills. In addition to the general knowledge people know about engineering, there are some fun facts about engineering that you may surprise you. Here are the engineering fun facts little known by laypersons.

Engineering fun facts: Branches in engineering

Engineering Fun Facts

Variety Of Engineering

Engineering has so many branches but perhaps not many people know all of them. Some of the popular branches of engineering are environmental, computer, electrical, and mechanical. There are other branches such as military, genetic, forensic, biomedical, chemical, aerospace, nuclear, civil, and structural.

Even, every branch has several sub-disciplines. Computer engineering, for example, includes some sub-disciplines such as cyber-security, information technology, software engineering, and information systems. Among those branches, do you know the oldest engineering discipline? It’s civil engineering.

Engineering in the theme park industry

The theme park industry would not be developed if there were no engineers. Engineering plays a significant role in this industry. The engineers are not only responsible for the designs and building but they also control the crowd flow in theme parks.

Talking about theme parks, Ferris wheel is one of the most popular amusement rides. Do you know that Ferris wheel is one of the greatest engineering wonders in the world? It was made in 18i3 by George W. Ferris, an engineer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This answers many people’s question on why the ride is named Ferris. The first Ferris wheel has two steel towers with a length 140-foot for each and connected by a 45-foot axle, making it the biggest forged steel at that time.

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What about the snowboard?

Snowboard is another amazing work of an engineer. It is not easy to make a snowboard. Without improper design, the riders won’t be able to make precise turns with less effort. The invention of modern snowboard happened in Michigan 1965. At that time, an engineer named Sherman Poppen made a toy for his eight years daughter using two skis fastened together. A rope was used to control the board.

Sherman Poppen did that because of his little daughter’s request that she wanted to skate all year long. Since then, snowboards have been sold commercially. Thanks to him, that now we can surf on a freezing winter day.

The first female engineer

Engineering Facts - First Woman Engineer

First Woman Engineer

Engineering world is dominated by males but there are some female engineers in the history who have made a lot of achievement. One of them is Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu, the first female graduate on engineering degree. Before she graduated, she had ever been rejected from her first school because of discrimination against women.

After she graduated, she worked at Bucharest’s Geological Institute where she was appointed as the chief of the laboratory. Zamfirescu was known to be an innovative and passionate worker. She brought in new approaches and analysis techniques in researching some substances and minerals like oil, coal, and water. Due to her contribution to the education field, 20 years after she died, her name was used to rename the street where she lived in Bucharest.

Engineering in cinematography

Engineering Fun Facts - Role In Film Industry

Engineering Role In Film Industry

You wouldn’t probably be able to watch movies in the cinema if there were no engineers. Movies containing lots of digital images such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings require intensive collaboration between engineers and animators to produces pictures that look real. This technology is called Morphing technology.

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After knowing some engineering fun facts above, you probably begin to be interested in engineering field. Despite the facts above, studying engineering can lead to a rewarding career.