Perhaps not everyone knows about facts about 5G, Maybe some of us don’t even know that now the 4G network will soon be replaced by this 5G network. The development of technology in the field of telecommunications creates new discoveries that facilitate human life. If previously we already know how 2G, 3G, and 4G networks changed the world, especially for internet connections, now the world is getting ready for a new network that is considered more advanced and super fast.

Yes, the world is now getting ready to welcome a new network in telecommunication and internet connection. It is the 5G network that is predicted to soon replace the existence of the 4G network that we have known and used.

Promising faster and more stable connection capabilities, many people are enthusiastic and impatient looking forward to the arrival of this 5G network. Especially in today’s world where an internet connection and communication networks are fast becoming one of the needs of the world community today.

Facts About 5G

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Actually, what is a 5G network?

The sophistication of the 5G network that is currently being discussed a lot makes people wonder what exactly is meant by this network. Is it true that it will replace the 4G network which is currently still used by most of the world’s population?

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The 5G network is the fifth generation technology developed by a number of cellular telephone companies in the field of broadband cellular networks. The 5G network is a mobile internet connectivity network that offers a faster connection than its predecessor, the 4G network. Because of the high speed, 5G is predicted to be able to carry bigger data, so it can connect the world more quickly and easily.

5G is an internet network continuation from previous generations. In this wireless network, it will use a frequency band between 30 GHz and 300 GHz so that the 5G network allows it to transmit data faster and larger than the previous generation.

Reportedly the 5G network is capable of delivering data up to 20 Gigabits per second at its highest point, and 100 Megabits per second at the average. The presence of the 5G network aims to provide data speeds of 10 to 100 times faster than the existing 4G network.

Some interesting facts about the 5G network

Though welcome and waited by many people but not a few who are concerned with the presence of this 5G network. One of them is the emergence of the issue of high radiation that may be caused by this network. Many people believe that the faster the broadband network, the higher the radiation level. Is that true? Let’s check some facts about 5G networks.

5G network is harmless and won’t cause cancer

Perhaps  the issue of the 5G network emitting high radiation to cause cancer is not true. Even a researcher at Oregon State University, Subham Dasgupta emphasized that the 5G network is completely harmless and does not lead to cancer. Not only that, the Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, expressed his opinion that the existing cellphones, including those using 5G, are safe to use.

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South Korea is the foremost country in the world using this 5G technology

Several developed countries in the world are already competing to apply this 5G technology. But until now, South Korea is in the first place as the country with the most 5G network users in the world. According to the latest data from the country’s Ministry of Science and ICT as many as 7.8 million people in South Korea are Smartphone users with a 5G network. This South Korea achievement even exceeds the United States which is in fourth place. Meanwhile, the second place is occupied by Switzerland, the third place is occupied by Kuwait and the fifth is occupied by Qatar.

The next facts about 5G is that this network is divided into 3 frequencies

If you think that all 5G networks will have the same frequency, then this assumption is not entirely correct. Other facts about 5G is that this network is divided into three frequencies. First there are high band or millimeter-wave frequencies which are the highest and fastest frequencies with the least latent or delay. This frequency can deliver quite a lot of data but it has a drawback, that it is easily absorbed quickly.

Furthermore, there are mid-band frequencies, which can transmit data or information slightly slower than high band frequencies and offer medium latency. The latter is the low band frequency that offers the highest latency. T-Mobile is one of the users of this frequency with the 600 megahertz type of frequency

The 5G network prototype has actually been initiated many years ago

It cannot be denied that by the end of 2018 until now, many people enthusiastically welcomed the emergence of this 5G network. But did you know that the discourse about 5G networks has long been raised by scientists?

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In 2008, NASA scientists in collaboration with Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corp tested the fifth-generation communication network, which aims to optimize the work of nanosatellite. In the same year, the IT R&D program in South Korea has developed a fifth-generation communication network, which is based on BDMA transmission or beam division multiple access.

The 5G network has met health regulatory and framework by WHO

Previously, the emergence of 5G networks could make people worry because of suspected health problems due to the frequency and radiation from these networks.

However, WHO through ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) and the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) confirmed that the 5G network has followed the health standards they set. They believe that the frequency of the 5G network is the same as any other radio network, which is not proven to cause health problems such as rumors circulating recently.

5G network is believed to be changing the civilization of the internet world on this earth. And now the opportunity for cellular operators to offer Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services with 5G speed is wide open due to the high interest of the world community for this product. Now we just have to wait to enjoy this super sophisticated network service. And hopefully, some of the facts about 5G above can answer your curiosity about this phenomenal network