Do you know Facts About Australia? Most people relate Australia as the continent where kangaroos and koalas are easy to find. As a matter of fact, there are more to explore about this continent that everyone hasn’t figured out. Facts about Australia can be very awe-inspiring. Check these out.

Facts About Australia

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Kangaroo, Emu, And Other Well-Known Animals In The Country

It is not surprising to see that a kangaroo and emu become the symbol of this continent. This continent indeed is where these animals originated. As a matter of fact, the government decided that they symbolize the country, in which those animals cannot walk backward. It means, the country always moves forward. Anyway, the kangaroos in this continent are greater than all people living here. The number of kangaroos reaches approximately 40 million with sixty different kinds.

Actually, there is another kind of mammal that originated in this country. It was Megafauna. The size was bigger than the elephant. Yet, it is no longer exist due to the increasing population of human in this continent.

The fact that Australia is rich in farming animals is true. This is particularly for sheep. There are six sheep for one person. This continent has more than 150.000.000 sheep. It is not surprising that the country is the main producer of wool and meat. Sheep are highly protected. This was why the Dingo Fence was built in the 1880s. Centuries ago, Dingo, an Australian wild dog, steal sheep and other farm animals in the Queensland area. This was why the fence was built from Queensland to New South Wales and South Australia, in which it reaches more than 5,000 kilometers! It was classified as one of the longest infrastructures in the world.

The surprising thing is that there are lots of wild camels in a certain part of Australia! Known as the feral camel, this species was imported by British India for their main transportation during England’s colonization. This is somewhat bothering, particularly for those who live in the center of Australia. The growth of this species is very fast, so the Australian government often export those camels to Saudi Arabia.

Australia is also proud to have a very unique mammal species called the platypus. This one of unique facts about Australia. The head is almost similar to a duck and the body is more like a rat, this is a very weird animal that becomes very popular when it was known among people worldwide through some programs on television channels.

This continent is also rich in sea creatures. But, the most popular one is the Box Jellyfish. This creature is considered the most poisonous creature in the universe. Regardless of its charming, transparent, and colorful performance, this creature should be avoided in the first place.

Poisonous snakes are also very popular in Australia, as they live in many forests. There are approximately twenty species of deadliest snake, among 25, inhabit in this continent

Facts about Melbourne that Not All People Know

Melbourne is one of the most visited cities in Australia, due to its amazing array of tourism resorts. There are art museums, national parks, beaches, and street furniture in every inch of the city. Believe it or not, this city is named Batmania. The name was taken from John Batman, who established a settlement that is located on the Yarra River. However, the British Prime Minister changed the name officially into Melbourne. Yet, it is important to note that Melbourne was one of the richest cities in the world in 1880. It is also ‘the home’ of Greek as it has the biggest population of this race, besides Athens. The population of Greek was booming in the Gold Rush. But, the government allowed less than 100 immigrants, other than British, each month in 1920. Yet, the migrations of Greeks and Italians were reaching its peak after the end of WW II, before finally the Australian government offered passage to hundreds of thousands of Greeks in 1952 when the migration of Greeks exploded. Then, it is not surprising that Melbourne and Thessaloniki, as cities with big Greeks population, turned out to be “sister cities”.

Facts About Australia : the Sydney Opera House

This is the first place to visit in tourists’ minds when they decide to travel to Australia. Located in Sydney, this edifice was inspired by an orange that is sliced into parts. Yet many memes show about the building’s similarity with white china bowls arranging in a dish rack. Visited by more than ten million people each year, the structure of this giant building is very unique, in which its cooling system is directly taken from the seawater from the harbor. The system works by circulating the harbor’s cold water through 35-kilometer-piping system. It is also delivering the power of the heating system for the building. The level of humidity and temperature plays a very important part to the musical instruments to stay in tune. This is why, the temperature within the building should be 22.5 degrees.

Dutch or British?

Dutch was the first European country that landed in Australia in 1606 by a navigator named, Willem Janszoo. But, the British ships that arrived in January 1788 was the first fleet which then established the first colony, before other colonies were formed within a century. The colonies cause the indigenous Australians were gradually vanishing.

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Cattle Stations

Australia has abundant cattle stations with private owners. One of them, Anna Creek Station is even bigger than Israel, which is comprised of more than 23.000 km3. Every cattle station has a manager which owns a complex of housing where the employees dwell. Every station is isolated, due to security’s sake though each station has its own school, workshop, market, general store, bar, and restaurant. Decades ago, the electricity supply was from the generator. Now, every cattle station utilizes a solar electricity system.

With all those facts, it is easy to conclude that this country is very big, in which its size can be similarly compared to the USA mainland. It is interesting that this giant continent has no active volcano at all.

So, Do you plan to visit Australia after Read Facts About Australia? These Facts About Australia is so amazing. Find more Country Facts in our site. Enjoy!