Facts about Barack Obama attracted millions of people worldwide when he was elected as the 44th president of the US. There are lots of things about him that make people were in awe. His background, special ability, and characteristics had created different policies that influence the whole world.

Are There Facts About Barack Obama That You Haven’t Know?

Little Barack was born with the name Barack Hussein Obama II, August 4, 1961 in  Honolulu, Hawaii. His father’s name was Barack Obama, Sr., and it was a little bit weird that his name wasn’t Barack Obama Jr.  Are there any facts about Obama that you might not know before?

He was grown in a happy family though his parents were divorced. Barack Sr. And A. Ann Dunham grew their family members in a good way.  Obama’s mother was spending her life in several different states before she met Barack Sr. In Honolulu. Both of them knew each other at the University of Hawaii, in which both of them enrolled in a Russian language class.

Barack’s senior was originated in Kenya, in a rural area.  As a teen, he wasn’t really like other teens as he was very brilliant and kind. He had lots of achievements during his school time until he successfully won a scholarship. The chance to gain a scholarship to study in the US was such a great gift for him and the family.

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But, it was a pity that their parents were divorced when he was still two years old. Her father went to Harvard University at that time, before their parents decided to get divorced. Eight years later, he had a chance to meet his father, for only one time. At that time, Barack Sr. was visiting Obama. Then, he was turning back to Kenya and worked as an economist for the government.

His Life In Indonesia

Barack Obama FactsLittle Obama lived with his mother who then married an Indonesian citizen, Lolo Soetoro, her friend in the university. Obama then had a sister, named Maya. He spent his life in Jakarta for several years. He enrolled in a government-run school to get an Islamic education, though he actually was a student in Christian schooling.

Back to Hawaii by Living A Very Modest Life

But, in 1971, he was returning to Hawaii. He was living with his grandparents, though her mother sometimes accompanied him. Her mother still spent some years in Indonesia, before finally divorcing Lolo Soetoro. Then, she was trying to chase the Ph.D. title.

As a single parent, his mother was one of several people who were given aid by the government. Though her life was depending on food stamps, the family wasn’t really suffering from poverty. Obama was also a very good student with excellent intelligence. He graduated from Punahou School in 1979. The school was Honolulu’s elite preparatory academy in Honolulu.

His Degrees and Achievements

Barack ObamaHis educational background was such a big hit. He spent two years when he attended Occidental College. Two years later, he moved to the famous Columbia University in NYC. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in political science in 1983. His good grades were merely obtained, due to the endless motivation from several professors who taught him.

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Living Abstinently

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, he was a little bit austere. He became an introverted person, but he loved reading some literature works by famous authors like William Shakespeare, Toni Morrison, Friedrich Nietzsche, and several other similar writers. He decided to become a writer, as inspired by the books that he had read. He became a writer for Business International Corp in Manhattan.

He decided to study again and graduated in 1991 with magna cum laude from the law school of Harvard University. His excellent achievement was becoming the first in the history of Harvard Law Review president for an African American.

His Meeting With Michelle

Barack Obama and MicheleHis first meeting with the love of his life, the gorgeous and stylish Michelle Robinson was in 1989. ‘s Both of them met at  Sidley Austin’s Chicago law firm. They decided to get married in 1992. Michelle was a native of Chicago. This was why Obama moved there and was highly active in the Democratic Party.

Important Steps Before Becoming The President of the United States

Facts About Barack ObamaHis initiation in forming Project Vote was noted in history as a very revolutionary movement. Project Vote was a movement that encouraged African Americans in getting involved with the voting rolls. Obama was also very influential with the winning of Bill Clinton from the Democrat Party to become the President of the US in 1992.

His effort in encouraging African Americans to take part in the states’ governmental positions was such a big movement. It was proven when Carol Moseley Braun, was inaugurated to the U.S. Senate. This Illinois state legislator was also the first African American woman which could successfully get the position.

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The popularity of Obama was unstoppable since 1996 since he was becoming one of the Illinois Senate members. His contribution was passing legislation that increased the regulations for the campaign finance regulations. He also managed to provide regulations about intensive health care for poor people in the US. He was defeating Alan Keyes, from Republic Party as the U.S. Senate. But, his recognition was widely known after his speech about similar rights for all American people, regardless of their races, religions, and culture.

He was successfully reaching the highest position in the United States in 2012 when he was becoming the 44th President of the U.S. It is not a secret that he is the only African American who could become the president throughout history. The main breakthrough that he made was the sanction of gay marriage.

Great Welcome to Kenya and Indonesia

Obama often visited Kenya where most of its people were lining the streets when Obama was passing through. Once, he also visited Indonesia and also got a great welcome when he was visiting several eateries which still exist since he was very young. So, those facts about Barack Obama have shown the world that anything is possible in the world.

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