There are many facts about Brazil that we should know. This country is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest nation in the world. It has 8,511,965 sq km total area with the population until 184,184,000 persons. Most of people in Brazil are using the Portuguese for daily conversations and as the language of the nations. But there are also people who still using French, Spanish and English for their own languages and more than 180 native languages that are still spoken in Brazil. The facts about Brazil that might be you don’t know about are Brazil was given to Portugal because of the requirements in the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494. Then, Brazil declares the independent day in 1822.

Other facts about Brazil that you should know about is the capital city of this nation is Brasilia and possess Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Sao Paulo as important city for economic. Most of people in Brazil lived in the cities where there are 13 cities that own over a million residents. Actually the facts about Brazil regarding about the word “Brazil” is taken from Amerindian word “Brasil”. “Brasil” is the name of dark rosewood type which is usually found in here. At the time, the dark rosewood is the main export commodity but since 1968 the export has been stopped.

There are also funny facts about Brazil due to the citizen’s activities where they loved to play football. And the legend of the football such as Ronaldo and Ronaldinho are Brazilians. The Amazon River, which is in Brazil is the second largest river in the world and has various wealth of biodiversity. In this country too, we can find the largest rain forest in the world, also named as same as with the river’s, the Amazon jungle. Other facts about Brazil are such as Brazil has diversity in ethnic groups which most of them are European and others are European-African, African and Asian.

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Brazil produces the world’s best coffee is facts about Brazil that we should know. Nowadays, the main export commodity from Brazil is coffee. Other agricultural exports are soybeans, cocoa, rice, sugarcane, corn, beef, wheat and citrus. Brazil has the largest economies in South America and also one of the largest in America continents. In these recent days, the experts in economic predict that the economical of Brazil will still grow and will be one of the countries in this world that has strength economical growth.  That’s the facts about Brazil in their economy.

Other Facts about Brazil are about the environmental situations where the rainforests are being cut amounts 4% per year by ranching, logging, slash and burn agriculture. There are also a lot of pollution that we can find along the Amazon River which can treat the rainforest and the river itself. The most famous attraction or celebration in this country is the Rio carnival which is held in Rio de Janeiro. The carnival is taking place every year and can attract many tourists. Actually, there are still many facts about Brazil that we can learn about but most of them have been summarized in here.