Do you know facts about China? Everything about China is always interesting. Its long civilization has created a great history in invention, whether it is traditional or modern products. China is known about several things, particularly movies, pandas and also the amazing Great Wall. However, there are lots of interesting things about China that not many people know. Keep reading this article and you will be amazed at how this country has such a great civilization and expansion towards the human’s life.


Facts About China

Photo by Ling Tang on Unsplash

Some people who don’t learn about Chinese history and culture may not only see China’s history from movies, particularly the story of The Romans of the Three Kingdom. This story is so famous that there are lots of movies and games created based on it. Indeed, China has the longest civilization after Egypt, in which its history started approximately 6000 BC. It is not surprising that language is one of the most written and spoken ones after English.

Where’s the word ‘China’ comes from? It was derived from Qin Shi Huang (260-210 B.C.) (read: ‘chin’) dynasty. He was the first emperor of the Qin dynasty. This dynasty unified China for the first time in 221 B.C. This era was the beginning of an Imperial period. This period ended in 1912 A.D. Emperors in China were regarded very high, in which all the invention at every generation should be used by emperors first. The unique thing was the invention of toilet paper in the late 1300s in which it was only made for emperors! Besides toilet tissue, the Chinese also invented paper. Other products that this country invented was also the technology of printing as well as gunpowder.

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China is rich in historical stories. Most of them were warriors. During the ancient time of China’s civilization, warriors cannibalized enemies before they ate their hearts and livers. This kind of ‘ritual’ was known for punishment and vengeance. But, such cannibalism occurred during the Great Leap Forward. It was the time when there were great famines when tens of millions of people died during this period.

The Great Wall of China 

The Great Wall

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For sure, The Great Wall is one of its ‘magical’ inventions. Named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, its length is about 21196.18 km. It took years for building this through six different dynasties. The age of this wall can be more than two thousand years old. If you once heard that this wall can be seen from the moon, well it is true, as long as the viewers use a high-tech lens. It is important to know that the line of the wall is not continuous. It has different breaks on some lakes and mountains. The bricks used for building this wall were very sturdy, in which they were used in building farms, houses, and so forth during the Cultural Revolution in China in the 60s. (1966-1976) bricks from the wall were used to build homes, farms, and other buildings. The strength of the bricks is proven by the minor restoration of this building since the 15th century.

Population and Size Of The Country

This country the fourth largest one after Russia, Canada, and the United States which covers 3,719,275 m3. The population is also very huge and doesn’t seem to decrease through the decades, up to now, in which it has reached more than 1 billion in 2018. It is the country with the highest population. No wonder, the use of chopsticks reached 45 billion every year! Amazingly, about 35 million of China’s people live in caves until now! Anyway, the fact of the population is not surprising that we can find lots of Chinese in every country in the world. It is estimated that one in every five persons in the world is Chinese. In China, it is also estimated that there are more than thirty babies are born every minute.

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Everyone knows that Panda is the iconic animal of this country. The existence of the nowadays giant pandas were already known centuries ago, in which they were believed to keep off evil spirits, as well as natural disasters. This was why all emperors always kept them as their pets. Pandas are known to symbolize bravery. Well, despite the cute look, this animal can attack harshly. It becomes an endangered species. Not only because they are haunted to be sold to other countries but also due to the low birthrate and high mortal level for the infant pandas.

Another popular animal, well precisely insect, is the cricket. Believe it or not, kids here love to play cricket fighting. Crickets can be treated as pets, so kids will take care of them and force them to compete with others.

The Great ‘Firewall’

This is a form of modern restriction in China. This country banned some famous social media platforms. They include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well as its main search engine, Google. Facebook was banned in 2009, after this social media contains several pictures and videos about Ürümqi riots. It was when Xinjiang independence activists uploaded their activities in Facebook, and use this social media for their communications network. The government of China asked for the activists’ detailed information and Facebook denied the demand, based on the security data of users. A similar thing applies to YouTube, which becomes the source of any kind of video. The ban was applied when YouTube showed an uploaded video showing the incident in Lhasa, where security forces of China beating Tibetans. The China government considered this as a ‘great lie’.

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China also launches the very famous social media named ‘Tik Tok’. Regardless of its successful achievement, the company is still under the supervision of the government. China also has the biggest chatting platform that is similar to WhatsApp named WeChat. This is why, China tries to compete with Huawei, the Android-based smartphone that doesn’t include Google Playstore and all Google products in it.

Above all else, China dominates the world at this moment, due to its great amount of products which are exported in almost all countries worldwide, including the United States. This country is very popular for any kind of manufacturing products, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. So, Do you plan to visit China after read those facts? Or do you have any other favorite Country Facts?