Facts about dolphin are filled in all the facts about the funny and cute animal which is loved by everyone in this world, the dolphins. Dolphin is the word that is taken from “delphis”, it is Greek which means “worm”.  So, we can say that “dophin” means the fish with worm. Actually, there are many kinds of dolphin which are divided in to 5 families. They are Delphinidae, Platanistidae, Iniidae, Lipotidae and Pontoporiidae. The families are also divided into many kinds of genus. Then after the genus, the Dolphin is has their own species. That’s all facts about dolphin for short taxonomy. There are many species of the Dolphin based on the location where the Dolphin was found, morphology, anatomy and behavior.

The facts about dolphin also discuss about the anatomy and senses. The Dolphin’s body is designed for swimming fast in the ocean. They can go swimming under the sea up to 260 meters depth.  Though, the dolphins are fairly shallow divers. Dolphins refer to mammals just like the whales. They can nurse their dolphin babies and give milk to them. They also are warm-blooded as same as human beings. Facts about dolphin that you might don’t know are that the dolphin has unique and perfect sense of hearing.

Other facts about dolphin that you should know are such as they have excellent eye while seeing in and out of the water. Their eyes are specially adapted to the condition of the place where they are being in that makes them able to see clearly whether it’s in the water or outside of the water. The facts about dolphin regarding about their location for living are that not all dolphins living in the oceans. Some of them can live in the river too such as the dolphins which lived in Amazon river, Yang-Tse river, Ganges river and Indus river. However, most of dolphin lived in oceans.

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The facts about dolphin includes the way their breathing. Dolphins only can survive under the sea for 15 minutes long and then they will go to the surface for taking breath. The smelling sensing of dolphins is not really good at all. They don’t possess strong olfactory sense. Commonly, dolphin moves along to other area with their own groups which also can be said as families. They help each other to nurture the young dolphins. They also hunt for their foods in a group. So, it’s make the dolphins as very social creature. That’s the facts about dolphin that you should know.

Actually, there are many facts about dolphin, one of the facts is dolphins communicate each other through sounds and whistles. That’s why if someone is whistling near them they will come closer to the person. The species of dolphins which are very famous among the human is the “bottlenose dolphin”. This is the facts about dolphin that may be able to make you shock that the biggest dolphin in this world are “the killer whale”. They are not funny and cute at all. Moreover they can attack and eat you if you are brave enough to get closer to them. The killer whale is commonly known as Orca.