Sleeping is the most relaxing moment, but it may lead to a dream. Have you ever heard or read facts about dreams? Perhaps, you haven’t. Your comfortable sleeping sometimes is interrupted by such dream. It feels like being trapped in a situation that we cannot even control. You body is paralyzed that you cannot move even in an inch. Dream is a crucial point in life. If you can handle it well, you will never involve in bad situation. In this article, you may get some insight on facts about dreams.

The color and images of the dream

The first interesting facts about dream are the color of the dream. Just like a television in the past, the colors of the dream are divided into two types. Those are the full color and black & white colors. Approximately, 12 percent of normal eyed-people dream in black and white, whereas the rest of the dream in full colors. The themes of the dream are also varied. Usually, it is related to our surrounding. For example, you may dream about your activity at school, sexual experiences, having a new car, or even seeing dead people alive.

What about the blind’s people dream? Do these blind people also experience a dream in their life? Based on the facts about dream, the answer is yes. If these people get blind after they had born, they can see images. On the other hand, the people who were born to blind will never see any images in their dream. How could they dream if they never see any images? The form of their dream is different from the normal people. They can only feel the emotion, voice, touch and smell. Through these facts about dream, you may know how this unfortunate people experience a dream.

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Who can dream and remember the dream?

Here are the other facts about dream. Everybody dreams both men and women, but there is an exception if these people have extreme psychological disorder. The women usually dream both men and other women. Conversely, the men usually dream about the other men. The other interesting facts about dream are that we always dream what we have already known. You may experience to have a dream about some strange people. Believe me that those people present in reality, but you just do not realize who they are. Probably, you have met them somewhere, yet you have not paid much attention. Can you remember your dream last night? If you forget it, you cannot say that you have memory loss since it is normal. Based on the facts about dream, you will forget a half of your dream after you get up to five minutes. In ten minutes, you forget 90 per cent of your dream. All of the facts about dream are so surprising, aren’t they?