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General facts about earth

Facts About Earth

Earth, our planet, is the third planet in the solar system. This planet is known to be the only planet with an atmosphere that contains free oxygen, its blue surface is a sea of water and that is certainly where life is found.

according to its size, the earth is the fifth largest planet in the solar system. the other four planets with the nickname “gas giants” are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. the three smaller planets that have been dubbed “rocky planets” are Mercury, Mars and Venus.

Earth is spherical due to gravity which pulls the material into a sphere with a diameter of about 8,000 miles or 13,000 kilometers. however, the earth is not perfectly round but is actually an “oblate spheroid”. this is caused by its rotation causing it to swell at the equator and get pinched at the poles.

70 percent of the earth’s surface is water and most of this water forms the oceans. plants as producers of oxygen contribute one fifth of oxygen in the composition of the earth’s atmosphere. There has been a lot of data from the studies of scientists related to our earth that began centuries ago. Over the last few decades more and more data has become known by studying images of the Earth from human studies directly from outer space.

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Earth orbit

Planet earth rotates on an imaginary line that extends from the north pole to the south pole which is called the axis and it takes 23,934 hours to complete its rotation. this happens along with the earth’s process in orbiting the sun which takes 365.26 to complete its orbit.

Due to the earth’s axis of rotation being tilted towards the ecliptic plane, the northern and southern hemispheres sometimes point towards or away from the sun and this depends on the time of year resulting in the seasons because it can change the amount of light the hemisphere receives.

Earth’s elliptical orbit brings our planet a little closer to the sun. it is in early January and farther away from the sun when it enters July. this variation gives an effect no greater than heating and cooling due to the tilt of the earth’s axis. The “Goldilocks zone” around the sun, where our earth is located, is just the right temperature to keep the liquid form of water covering most of our planet’s surface. The facts about earth we just explained really amaze you, right?

Earth formation and evolution

Scientists guess about the time when the planet Earth formed, which is approximately 4.6 billion years ago, along with the formation of the sun and other planets when the solar system merged from the solar nebula, a giant rotating cloud of gas and dust. the nebula which has collapsed under its gravity then spins faster and flattens into a disk and the material is mostly pulled towards the center and becomes the sun.

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Meanwhile, other particles in the disk collide and stick together to form objects that are getting bigger, including Earth. previously scientists thought the Earth originated from a waterless rock mass.

Like what one planetary scientist named Simone Marchi said at the southwest research institute. Asteroids and comets fly around the earth and collide with each other making Earth’s initial conditions possible hell. But new studies in recent years have revealed that the presence of minerals trapped in ancient microscopic crystals has become evidence that liquid water existed on Earth for the first 500 million years.

the heat generated from the deep rising pressure within the earth and the radioactive material in the rocks is enough to melt the planet’s interior. This is the reason some chemicals rise to the surface and form water and others into atmospheric gases. As for the Earth’s crust and oceans from the latest available evidence, it was formed about 200 million years after the planet formed. Hom amazing the facts about earth we just explained, right?

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