Do you Facts About Egypt? Egypt is located in North Africa with the capital city Cairo and populated around 80 million. They speak Arabic, English, and French, among the three, Arabic is the official language. The majority of the religions is Muslim and partly Christian. Weather is mostly hot for the year, and warm during winter. Currency is in Egyptian pounds. Football is the national sport of Egypt. The total area is approximately 1,001,450 sq. km.

Economy, Education and Habit

Economy is based on agriculture, and the energy market has been improved in the production of coal, oil, and hydro power. Arabic culture is strictly followed in Egypt. Important places in Egypt are Pyramids of Giza one of the sevens wonders of the world, most people visit Egypt to have a look at this great architecture. Cairo which is the capital city with busy bazaars, restaurants, and mosques.

Egyptian food mainly consists of legumes and vegetables, and tea is the national drink. As it is a hot country people wear lightweight clothes like linen. Abu Simbel the two temples have been attracting the visitors all the time, with a sound and light show being held daily is a good treat for both ear and eye. Karnak is an ancient temple of Egypt which looks like a theme park with sanctuaries, kiosks, and pylons.

Sight seeing the sunset and city in a sailboat in the river Nile will definitely make a difference. Valley of the kings is the place full of mummies where the Tutankhamun a minor king’s tomb was discovered. Archaelogists kept the treasures of the tomb in the Egyptian Museum, where mummies, sarcophagi, and jewellery are seen. Siwa Oasis is oasis town and a place to relax. Diving is the most popular in Hurghada with whale sharks, dolphins and various species.

Two types of schools are there in Egypt Government and private schools. The government school have Arabic school which teaches in Arabic language and Experimental language schools teaches in English and adds French as a second foreign language. There are four types of private schools Ordinary schools pay’s more attention to students, Language schools fees is higher, religious schools are religiously oriented, International schools follow other country’s curriculum like British and American. Egypt real estate sector is an exciting place to invest.

Jobs in Egypt is not an issue as it is diverse in construction, tourism, engineering, and media.

Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt men and women wore makeup, they believe that the makeup had healing powder, they use mouldy bread to treat infections, they also believed that earth was in the shape of a pancake, so the river Nile flowed in the center of it.

The women in Ancient Egypt enjoyed the legal and economical equality with men but not social equality. Before a body is mummified all the internal organs except the heart was removed and kept in the jars. Travelling to Europe is easy with a valid passport and tourist visa. It is the best place to enjoy family vacations. October–April is the better time to visit Egypt.

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