Do you recognize some extraordinary facts about Facebook? Facebook is a very popular site among the people in world. Perhaps, most of the people have becoming a part of Facebook. Their addiction can be seen by visiting the Facebook everyday or even every hour. Facebook trend really affects our life. For example, some people now prefer to access Facebook and stay at home at weekend. It does change the way we live both positively and negatively. Here, you will get some bizarre facts about Facebook. Probably, it will make you wonder and surprise. Let’s see then some facts about Facebook!

Mark Zuckerberg

When we discuss facts about Facebook, we always have to relate them to its founder. Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of this brilliant networking site. He was born on 14th May 1984. When he was studied in Harvard University, he and his classmates named as Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes established this site in 2004. This younger billionaire is estimated to own $1.75 billion in 2011. What a number! He has been titled as the Person of The year by Times magazine in 2010. The facts about Facebook about Mark are the most interesting ones.

Uploaded pictures

Let’s see the next facts about facebook! There is a shifting purpose of taking pictures. When Facebook had not been established, the intention of people to take pictures is to install them at home. Nowadays condition is altered. The people always capture so many photos in some occasions like party, vacation, or event just because they want to upload them on Facebook. Do you know how many pictures being uploaded each month? 1 million pictures is the answer. In other words, there are 333,333,333 pictures for every single day. Such facts about facebook are so strange since we have an insight about the people’s new habit. Thus, there is no need to for to be upset when the site is so busy for a moment.

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Facebook’s users

The other facts about facebook that you should know are its users. The popularity of Facebook lies on various level of ages. Whether these people are old or young, I dare that they like this site so much. However, it seems that the young people are the addictive visitors. The number of the college students who have Facebook account is up to 85 per cent. Of these people, 60 up 70 per cent will login every day or at least once in a week. Are you one of these additive guys? Some psychologists have raised a new term diagnosis called as FAD. It stands for Facebook Addiction Disorder. Such facts about Facebook need to be understood as social phenomena.

There are some sources telling about the number of the active Facebook users through years. In December 2004, the users were 1 million. This condition grew in 2005 and reached 5.5 millions. In 2006, the number was 12 millions. In 2009, it had 250 millions. It means that the number grows up to 250 per cent in just five years. In 2020, the user has reached upto 152 millions users.  Are these facts about facebook astonished you much?