Knowing the facts about Frida Kahlo is very much interesting than reading details about her biographies on several websites. This artist has too much to adore. She was more than just a talented painter. Her active enrollment as a feminist was such a great achievement that rare women could ever think at that time.

All of her paintings are adorable. They are rich in a modern touch that nowadays people still can adore. Those who understand how her lifetime struggle will adore those paintings even more. Frida’s lifetime was so touching, full of tears, yet very intriguing that everyone will adore her very much.

Find Facts About Frida Kahlo Which You Haven’t Heard 

Yes, everyone knows that Kahlo was such a famous surrealist women artist, in which all her artworks are considered mixing fantasy and reality at the same painting. But, there are extraordinary things about Frida Kahlo which might bring us lots of deep thoughts about her great effort in life. Check out these six amazing facts about Frida.

  1. Miserable Childhood and Teens’ Years
Frida Kahlo Family

Frida Kahlo’s Potrait (Right) with Family

Frida was born in 1907 to a religious family. She was not enrolling in any education of art, nor art training. She was learning how to paint because she was very bored in bed after facing a fatal accident. Little Frida’s was her father’s apple of the eye. Wilhelm, his father was a German native. He moved to Mexico ten years before Frida was born. Frida’s mother was a Hispanic woman with a strong background of American Indian.

The Kahlos were a very religious family. Frida and her sisters were grown under very strict rules that their mother was exposing. But, basically, it was a happy family. Frida herself was very close to her father, as she always helped her father, who was a photographer. He was not just a so-so photographer, but he worked for the Mexican government.

Little Frida was always following her father in the studio to help him. It is not surprising that she had a great sense of art, even if she didn’t realize it. But, she loved drawing very much, because she took a drawing lesson from her relative. But, she didn’t expect to be a painter.

During her school day, she was highly attracted to biology and all subjects about science. Being a doctor was her passion for a long time. Her father, who actually knew Frida’s talent, still gave total support for her dream of becoming a doctor. Her desire to be a doctor was also because of her polio. Frida suffered from this disease when she turned six years old. Polio had caused her left leg was more withered and shorter.

Frida also suffered from a bus accident when she was 18 years old. She was traveling with her boyfriend, Alejandro Gómez Arias. They went on a bus before it collided with a car. There was no story about Alejandro, but Frida was suffering from severe injuries due to several spine fractures. Her pelvis and legs were also damaged badly. The accident had resulted in her difficulties in getting pregnant. But, it was the time when she started to learn painting because she had to rest a lot.

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However, she had made fraud in her life. She told anyone that she was born in 1910. She only wanted to tell everyone that she was born when the beginning of the Mexican Revolution. She was an idealist since she was young.

Her strong desire to be an idealist was shown when she attended National Preparatory School. It was in Mexico City which urged her to commute a long way from her house. She didn’t want to give up on becoming a doctor. During those years, it was very weird to see a woman having a good career. Women, at that time, mostly got married and took care of their families.

Her dream vanished after the bus accident. But, if Frida became a doctor, then there won’t be any amazing artwork that millions of people admire until now.

  1. Her Love Life
Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo indeed met the love of her life, the famous Diego Rivera. Their first meeting was when she attended school. She admired the way Diego painted a mural. Years passed by as Frida tried to approach him because of her painting task that needed Diego’s advice. That was the first time when they fell in love with each other and finally got married.

It wasn’t really sure whether she was happy or not. She loved him so much, regardless of what he did toward her. Diego also had an affair with Cristina, Frida’s younger sister. It was a tragic life for Frida, as Cristina was the closest sister among her other two sisters, Matilde and Adriana.

The marriage life of this couple experienced some ups and downs. They were divorced, before finally getting married again after a year of separation. Both of them admitted that they were meant to be together. But, their marriage was actually complicated.

Frida had some affairs with, not only with men but also women. Josephine Baker, a very popular artist, was also her secret lover. Another secret lover that she had was Nickolas Muray, a very famous fashion photographer. It was the longest affair that she had, which lasted for two decades.

However, her relationship with Leon Trotsky, the revolutionist who was exiled by the Russian government, was much more controversial.  Trotsky lived with Frida and Diego, as the couple helped him to get political asylum. But, Frida also had a very close relationship with Dr. Leo Eloesser, as she claimed that he was only his best friend.

What about Diego? Well, he had more girlfriends than anyone could ever think of. This married couple lived in separate houses. It was a rooftop bridge that connected Frida’s and Diego’s houses. They designed it that way so that they could meet their guests and lovers.

Regardless of her ups-and-downs love life, Frida and Diego were really hard to separate. They needed each other. Frida got all her inspiration from Diego, who introduced her to popular artists worldwide. Diego, with all his affairs, was not able to stay away from Frida.

  1. The Real Selfie-Master
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Self Potrait Frida KahloHave you ever imagined that selfie was ‘innovated’ by Frida? Frida really loved to paint herself. There were more than sixty paintings of her self portrait. She thought that painting herself was the real subject that she loved. She always claimed that she pictured any subject that she was definitely familiar with. But, Frida actually started her self-portrait paintings when she had to rest in bed, due to her fatal bus accident.

At that time, she had no doubt in experimenting with various colors for her own portrait. Her father placed a mirror in front of her so that she could paint herself with various expressions. This was why most of her paintings were dominated by dark colors. Those colors represented her gloomy feelings because of the wounds, which have worsened the effect of polio.

  1. Unique Dressing Style

Now, this is the best part about Frida. She was famous for her excellent performance, particularly on the way she dressed.  She was always seen wearing authentic Mexican dress, as Diego wanted her to do. But, she adorned herself with exotic jewelry and unique accessories like ribbons, trinkets, and even bells.

However, her dressing style also represented her political expression. She was a feminist, in which she always wore the authentic Isthmus of Tehuantepec outfits. This area was highly popular for its strong matriarchal civilization. However, her flamboyant outfits were actually to cover her paralyzed feet, so people would pay attention to the colorful outfit patterns and accessories.

The fact is that Frida loved freedom. Ladies, during those years, were wearing dresses with very tight corsets. Actually, she needed good support for her spinal through those corsets, but she avoided it. She wore what she wanted to wear. She chose any accessories that she loved to show off. She wanted to look different from ordinary women.

Anyway, she was not always wearing dresses. She sometimes wore men’s outfits like shirts, pieces of denim, and trousers. But, the fantastic fact about Frida was her habit of wearing colorful dresses with lots of accessories on her head for painting in the studio, and even doing her household chores!

Her unique performance attracted lots of prominent artists. It was known well that Frida once was given a pair of earrings by Pablo Picasso. Even after she passed away, lots of designers paid tribute. One of them was Elsa Schiaparelli. She designed Madame Rivera, her iconic design, as a tribute for Frida. Paris was the city where Frida loved to visit. She was highly popular in the city.

Believe it or not, Frida was also featured twice in Vogue magazine. Her figure was highly prominent. She had such a great idealism in reaching all her dreams. She managed to travel around the world with her own money. She was highly independent, in which this kind of personality wasn’t really popular among women during those years.

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Frida always stated her optimism through everything she did. She never gave up on anything. Even her fate didn’t stop her from creating paintings that show off her feelings.

  1. Her Overall Health And The Tragic End of Her Life

It could be that nobody in the world suffered physically and mentally, just like what Frida had suffered throughout her life. It seemed that suffering from polio when she was six years old and experiencing a fatal accident when she was eighteen years old were not the end of her despair. She also experienced several miscarriages. It was understandable that there were very rare contraception methods during the ’30s.

But, those weren’t the only painful moments that she had to face. She had gone through more than thirty surgeries for correcting the deteriorated body. The worst moment that she experienced was in 1950, due to the amputation of her left leg. It occurred after she had a nine-month treatment because of the gangrene presence. The treatment didn’t stop her from visiting her first exhibition in Mexico. She attended the exhibition by taking an ambulance.

The long-term pain had caused her to become a drug addict. She died at 47. She wrote a diary that represented her feelings over the years. Her diary was showing that she actually had lots of pen friends. In fact, she was never feeling lonely. She had lots of pets. She also loved to collect dolls, as well as other authentic Mexican handicrafts.

  1. Her Outstanding Artwork 

Many people consider that she was a surrealist. But, she didn’t claim it that way. She said that she painted her reality, instead of her fantasy. It was seen clearly that all her paintings were showing her sad feelings through the choices of colors.

However, she didn’t only paint with watercolors or tin. She sometimes used shells and newspaper cuttings. All the choices of colors and themes were representing her personal life. But, she created such an excellent record. The Louvre Museum brought her artwork, The Frame in 1938. Again, it was proven that Paris really adored this figure.

Dos Desnudos En El Bosque

Dos Desnudos En El Bosque Painted by Frida Kahlo

She became the first painter from Mexico whose artwork was successful internationally. In 2016, her painting titled Dos Desnudos En El Bosque was sold at the highest price in the auction. She created this painting in 1939 and it was sold for $8.000.000. The price is the highest one among other artworks by artists from Latin American.

Did She Commit Suicide?

This is the question that still has no answer. But, the facts about Frida Kahlo can lead to several opinions, whether she really committed suicide or not. She had gone through years of misery since she was still a young kid. She lived her life with a paralyzed body, while she also suffered from bone fractures. But, her death led her to better popularity. Almost all her paintings were sold at fantastic prices! It is true that Frida has succeeded in becoming a popular artist and feminist at the same time.