Do you ever read Facts About Horses? Horses belong to the equus family which literally means quickness in Greek. Horses are just like zebras, mules, and donkey which are classified into mammal family. In the beginning, horses were wild animals like zebras. But then later, people started to tame horses and take the advantages of horses such as using horses to carry things. This article will mainly talk about some interesting facts about horses. One of the interesting facts about horses is that there are certain people who are able to communicate with horses. These people are called Horse Whisperer who claims that they can communicate, heal, and train horses.

There are several facts about horses which probably can be your guide to train horses. Horses are loyal to each other, they do not lie down together but one will always stand to protect others from dangers. Horses have the ability of 360 degrees all around vision. Horses actually have small stomachs and short intestines, and they cannot vomit. Horses always lock their legs when they sleep in order not to fall over while they are sleeping. One of the interesting facts about horses is that one front leg of a horse is actually shorter than another one. Unlike any other types of horses, Arabian horses actually have one less rib, back vertebrae and neck vertebrae.

Other facts about horses are the areas in front of and behind the horses are their blind spots. Hence, you better be careful when you stand in these areas because horses can simply spook and kick you. Horses have a very sensitive upper lip because it can feel different objects. Here or any other interesting facts about horses. A horse’s brain size is quite similar to a potato’s size. It is widely known that horses are really smelly and their stalls need to be cleaned constantly because a horse can pop up to fifteen times a day. There are interesting facts about horses’ sensibility. When horses are looking at objects, they point their ears. Horses have the ability of seeing two different objects from each eye. Horses are more sensitive to tones instead of words.

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It is known that horses commonly work and travel on hard roads. This is one of the facts about horses; they need their feet protected by metal shoes. That is the reason why horses need to wear shoes. Horses’ feet or also called hooves grow continuously and need to be trimmed just like human being. One of the interesting facts about horses is that the hooves need to be trimmed every 4 – 6 weeks.