Gen Z must be familiar with the pop American singer and vlogger, Jacob Sartorius. Since he was just 11, he has become one of teenage heartbreakers. This YouTube star has lots of fans but many people also become his haters. You are on the right page if you want to know more about the ex of Millie Bobby Brown. Here are some facts about Jacob Sartorius covering information on his secret talents, family, etc.

His Career Story

It started in 2014 when Jacob was still 11 years old. He posted his videos on Vine and not long after that, he turned to YouTube and other social media to expand his content creation. This made him widely known across the globe especially among female teenagers. His popularity in social media continued and more people started to recognize his talents.

In 2016, T3 Music Group Label offered Jacob a deal that brought him to the professional music industry. Probably you still remember fist first single ‘Sweatshirt’ that successfully reached number 90 in the US American Billboard chart. His fame kept rising that in 2016, he became the 9th most searched mission according to Google.

A year later in 2017, Jacob released his debut EP, ‘The Last Texas’. The album was so successful not only in the United States but also Canada and New Zealand. He was also invited to perform in some awards such as the Teen Choice Awards and the Kids Choice Awards because of one his songs ‘Hit or Miss’.

In the middle of 2017, Jacob made contract with RCA Records. A few months after that, his second EP ‘Left Me Hanging’ was released. In the end of 2018, his third EP entitled ‘Better with you’ was launched. He kept being productive in releasing new albums. The last one was ‘Where have you been’, that he released in the mid of 2019.

Jacob’ Childhood

October 2 is known to be Jacob Sartorius’ birthday. He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma 18 years ago in 2002. Because his birth parents were unable to take care of him, he was given up for adoption. With his adoptive parents, he lived and spend his childhood in Reston, Virginia.

A young Jacob has shown passion in music since the age of 7. Therefore, his adopted parents who wholeheartedly supported him, asked him to start acting in musicals. Since then, he loved performing more than before. He made more videos and some of them featured her sister, Caroline.

Bullying At School

Jacob Sartorius had been a victim of bullying at school. His classmates teased him and attacked him verbally. It made him change school three times. This is the reason why he was into social media. It’s because social media were the escape from those difficult times.

Revealed from his Instagram post, since he was 11, he had been taking anti-depressant pills and seeking therapy to deal with his depression caused by bullying. Fortunately, he could pass the hard times. He said that social media particularly helped him go off and he could gain more confidence as well.

After he recovered from the depression, Sartorius teamed up with Be Strong in 2018 for anti-bullying campaign project. He also appeared in some commercials for Ad Council like ATTN and PSA aimed at a bullying prevention.

Sartorius is actually not the only celebrity who got harassed after getting famous. Other stars such as Kelly Marie Tran and Selena Gomez were also the victims of bullying when they were younger and these celebs opened up about being bullied.


In the end of 2017, Jacob Sartorius started dating Millie Bobby Brown, a British actress who rose to fame from a Netflix series, Stranger Things. However, after seven months together, they decided to break up. Although they were no longer in a relationship, they remain friends.

In March 2020, rumors spread saying that Sartorius and Baby Ariel, an American singer and internet personality, were dating. It all started when Baby Ariel posted a screenshot of a FaceTime Call to Sartorius with a caption “pick up the phone baby”.

Due to the Instagram post, people thought the two were dating. However, via her YouTube channel, Baby Ariel made a clarification saying that there was nothing between Sartorius and her but friends. Until now, there has not been any rumors spread about Sartorius’ relationship. So, he is single now.

Awards And Nominations

2016 and 2017 are the important years for Jacob Sartorius. He was nominated in some awards. In 2016, he was nominated in Teen Choice Awards under category of Choice Muser, iHeart Radio Music Awards in Social Star Awards category, and Kids’ Choice Awards in the category or Favorite Viral Music Artist.

In the following year, he also became the nominations in Shorty Awards, Radio Disney Music Awards, and Teen Choice Awards. Although he didn’t won the awards, the fact that he was nominated is the proof that his works were recognized in the music industry.

Jacob Sartorius Net Worth

It is estimated that currently Sartorius net worth is about $10 million. It can be seen that he has added nearly 2 million each year to his net worth since 2017. In 2017, it’s reported that his net worth was $5 million and in 2018 it became $7 million.

It will continue to grow because he has nearly 9 million followers on Instagram alone. Meanwhile his followers on TikTok are over 20 million and his subscribers on YouTube are more than 3 million people. Combined with the fans in other social media platforms, it is obvious that Sartorius can earn more although it seems that he’s losing popularity.

Those are some facts about Jacob Sartorius that many people are looking for. Unfortunately since the lasts two years, it’s been not easy to find the latest new about him except from his social media. It seems that he’s been losing popularity since his last EP in 2019. He should productively create more new works if he still wants to be the pop stars in social media platforms as well as in music industry.

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