Facts about Jamaica is always interesting to be discussed. This country is located in the Caribbean with a population of 2,583,000 and the average age of 75.2 years. It is the third largest Caribbean Island with its’ six mountain ranges, 120 rivers and 150 miles of beaches. Everything in this country seems very beautiful. Many tourists come to this country everyday to enjoy the beautiful spot there. Many people are amazed by the natural charm of Jamaica. There are many interesting fact you should know before going there someday.

Facts About Jamaica

“Jamaica Trip” by TomashDevenishek is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Country Name

Well, let’s start with the origin of its name. A name, especially the country name should be memorable and meaningful. The original name of Jamaica is ‘Xaymaca‘ which means ‘The Land of wood and springs’. There is no specific explanation about the meaning of this name.


Culture is a part of the country. Jamaicans also have some cultures which may differently from another country. Some of them might be very unusual. Most people of Jamaica using excessive bleaching cream which is imported from West Africa due to their dark skin. Long-term use of one material, such as hydroquinone, has long been associated with the condition Ochronosis . It makes the skin to become darker. Doctors said that the abuse of whitening lotion also leave stretch marks across the face on some people of Jamaica. Some of them may not realize the dangers resulted from the using of these products.

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What about the language? Jamaica is the largest English-speaking islands in the Caribbean since English is the official language there. However, Patois (Creole), a mix of English and some African languages, is spoken in rural areas and is used increasingly in urban areas

By the 18th century, one of the most interesting facts about Jamaica is that the island was known as “the jewel of the British crown”. The country is producing 22 percent of the world’s sugar. This achievement came at a huge cost to the African slaves who were brought to the New World in chains and compelled to deal with huge rewarding manors.

Music is also becomes a big part of Jamaican culture. The unofficial national anthem of Jamaica entitled “one Love” was created by a reggae legend, Bob Marley. He is a legend around the world, not only in Jamaica. He made popular Jamaica’s reggae sound, with its bouncy blend of bass and percussion along with the offbeat rhythm guitar. Reggae and Dancehall are comes from this country.

Culture is also related with culinary. The National drink of Jamaica is Rum. We can drink it with coconut water for a very special and refreshing drink. There is also Red Stripe beer and many fruity non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy. While the national dish of the country are Ackee and salt fish. The local fruit ,Ackee is not grown anywhere else in the world.

Jamaican people are also known as very religious person. The students pray the Lord’s every morning in every Jamaican Public School.

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Jamaica is very popular for its beautiful beaches, warm golden sun, coffee and luxurious resorts. That’s why tourism becomes the largest industry in the country. The large number of tourists who visit the country brings many benefits to Jamaican people.

Now, you have known some facts about Jamaica. Going there is might be your next plan on holiday season. Check our other Country Facts for your other information.