How many facts about Japan have you known so far? If you only have few facts in your mind, be ready to find some other answers (which can be very surprising) now. Currently, Japan has become one of the developed countries and this country is very popular for the rapid technology advance and also the good work ethics. Geographically, Japan is in the North Pacific off Russian coast and also the Korean peninsula. The area is not really big, even smaller than California. Japan is really popular for its modern railroad system and has four main islands namely Hokkaido, Shikoku, Honshu as well as Kyushu. Here are some other facts you should also know.

Facts About Japan

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The next facts about Japan are about culture. If you have a plan to go for vacation or travelling to Japan, make sure to understand the culture firstly. Suppose if you use the restroom in your friend’s home, it is better for you to put on special bathroom slippers. It is recommended to make sure that you will not contaminate his or her home. If you move to an apartment, it is suggested to give some gifts for your landlord, including the money which amount is equal to two months’ rent. Another thing you should know is that Japanese people really like the “loud slurp” when eating noodles. For them, the loud slurp is a symbol that the foods they eat are really delicious.

Japan uses four writing systems, which are Romaji, Kanji, Katakana and also Hiragana. The amazing fact about this is about the literacy rate which reaches almost a hundred percent. However, do not ever ask about English in Japan. In this country, you can easily find the “poorly written English” almost everywhere, such as on the T-shirts and also various fashion items.

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The other facts about Japan are about some festivals and celebrations. When people in western countries spend their Christmas with family, Japanese youngsters prefer to spend this special day with their partners. So, a Christmas celebration is a romantic occasion, same like Valentine’s Day in western world. Also, Japan celebrates many festivals every year and the most popular one is called the Aomori Nebuta Festival which is commonly held on Augusts. If you go to Japan in March, you have the opportunity to see two great festivals: the Doll Festival as well as the Sakura Festival. For welcoming winter, several festivals are held too, such as the Ice and Snow festivals in February.

When the facts about Japan are related to religion, it will be quite difficult to find the proofs that religion is an important aspect in the lives of many Japanese people (although Shinto and Buddhism become the two most popular religions/beliefs).


Since Japan has grown to be a developed country, you will find many wonderful facts about economic sector of this country. Japan is the largest and even the largest automobile producer all around the world. Besides, Japan has the largest fish market in the world and its popular name is the Tsukiji market. However, Japan still hunts the whales although this country has been banned by the IWC. You can find the history in the movie entitled “The Cove”. The most lucrative industries in Japan are such as consumer electronics, machine tools and also the motor vehicles. They export motor vehicles, various kinds of office machinery and even the semiconductors. Now, you have found the essential facts about Japan.

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