Facts about John The Baptist are not really popular among Christians. What most Christians know is that he had done his job very well, and he was sentenced to death by King Herod Antipas. It was because Salome, Herod Antipas’ stepdaughter, was being urged by her mother to ask for John’s head if Salome could please the king with her dancing.

Facts About John The Baptist, Based On Four Gospels

John The Baptist is very well known as the messenger of God. His existence was well known for baptizing people who repented and received God, before the ministry that Jesus Christ held with disciples.

The time estimation for the born of John the Baptist was around 0 BCE. It was because her mother, Elizabeth was already getting pregnant, when Mary was given an announcement from Gabriel the Angel about the birth of Jesus. It means the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus can be in the same year. It was estimated that Judaea was the site where he was born.

His father was Zechariah who once doubted that he would have a son. When the angel appeared to tell him the good news, he didn’t believe it. Then, Zechariah was muted until John The Baptist was born. It was the punishment for doubting the promise of God.

The story about John the Baptist was clearly narrated in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as well as The Acts of the Apostles. But, there was a Jewish historian named Flavius Josephus who also made a thorough research about John The Baptist’s historical traces.

The ministry of John The Baptist was initiating the way of the coming savior. He baptized his disciples, people who repented, and also Jesus Christ himself. At first, John the Baptist refused to baptize Jesus, as he thought that it should have been Jesus who baptized himself. But, Jesus insisted John baptize him because it was the fulfillment of righteousness.

John The Baptist spent his ministry around the desert of Judea. He was living around people who were believed as monastic communities. They are strict sects of Jews, as well as young people with a strong commitment to the Jewish religion.

But, at that time, most Jews only pay attention mostly to the regulations, instead of having a good attitude toward other people.  They wanted to be seen as holy people by showing off praying habits in public places. Yet, they neglected the suffering of people who need help.

It was the Essenes, the Jewish sect who related closely with John. It was stated in the Dead Sea Scrolls after its discovery. The mission of John was directed widely to poor people as well as sinners who wished to repent. John got the basics of Mosaic Law, but he didn’t really focus on the teaching.

Instead, he kept wandering to preach about the importance of repent, before the coming of the Messiah. People, at that time, thought that the coming Messiah was Elijah, who came back to Earth. But, it was actually the coming of Jesus Christ that John The Baptist was announcing for.

How John The Baptist Was Recognized In Four Gospels

Four Gospels stated about the ministry of John The Baptist. The story about John was about his struggle in convincing people to repent. Another popular story about John was when he baptized Jesus from his hands.

Among the four Gospels, Matthew and Luke have broader details about John than in Mark. Matthew vigorously made out that the death of John symbolized the hostility of the ancient Israel people in God’s salvation. But, it was the Gospel of John that contained the most complete information about John.

All four Gospels also stated the most interesting story about John The Baptist. It was the time when he tried to warn King Herod’s sin. King Herod Antipas married Herodias, the wife of his own relative. It was a great sin because he divorced his wife, only to marry the ex-wife of his half brother, Herodias. This was against the Jewish rule, so it was considered a sin.

The warning had upset both King Herod and Herodias. Yet, King Herod was not really taking this warning for granted. He was still having a good relationship with John and willing to hear his preaches. On the other hand, Herodias was highly upset and kept urging Herod to imprison him.

Herod tried to satisfy his wife by putting John the Baptist into prison. Yet, Herodias wasn’t satisfied at all. She was using Salome, his daughter, to ask for John The Baptist’s head. Her request was stated after King Herod Antipas was impressed with Salome’s dancing. He promised her to give everything she wanted.

The king was very sad with the request, but he couldn’t break his promise in front of his guests. But, the death sentence still took place. It was the end of John the Baptist ministry when all his disciples then followed Jesus during his ministry for three years.

The Story Of John In The Acts

The death of John The Baptist was estimated around 28 CE. But, some disciples of John still maintained John’s teaching. In the Acts of the Apostles, it was stated by Paul the Apostle that they were not classified as Christians, because they hadn’t received the Holy Spirit. Paul said that those disciples still need to have the faith in Jesus Christ, in order to be saved.

Paul didn’t claim that John’s disciples had done the wrong way in applying John The Baptist’s teaching. Yet, he emphasized the importance of salvation through Jesus Christ, with the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The Summarize Of John The Baptist Existence

John The Baptist is now classified as a prophet. History experts found that his preaching was around the Jordan Valley and Jericho’s point east. It was proven by the garment that he was wearing, in which it was from the austere camel’s hair. His habit of eating locusts and wild honey was also the representation of pure Jewish laws.