Jupiter is one of the planets on our solar system. Do you think you know all the facts about Jupiter? You better think again. In this article, we will discuss some of the interesting facts about Jupiter which you might not know yet. The name was taken from the king of the Roman Gods. This 5th closest planet to the sun is the largest planet in our solar system. The atmosphere there consists of 84% of Hydrogen, 15 percent of helium, and a small amount of acetylene, ethane, methane, ammonia, phosphine, and water vapor.

Facts About Jupiter

“New Hubble Space Telescope view of Jupiter” by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC BY 2.0

As I said before, Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. It can be seen on its diameter which is 11 times larger than the Earth with a mass 318 times greater. Jupiter alone is contributing 70% of the total mass of all the planets in the solar system. If you think that a big body means that it can’t move fast, think again. Jupiter is the planet with the fastest rotating rate so that a day on Jupiter will only be 10 hours. However, Jupiter need 12 years on earth to complete its motion to circle the sun.

Uniquely, if Jupiter got any more massive, it will get smaller. The additional mass will make the planet denser and pull on itself. The astronomers estimate that Jupiter is still able to be 4 times from the current mass but remain on the same size.

Do you know that there is a storm that has been happening for 300 years in Jupiter? The storm is called the Jupiter’s great red spot. You can even fit a hundred earths into that great red spot. Ganymede, The Jupiter’s moon is the biggest moon in our solar system. It is even bigger than planet Mercury and Pluto.

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Moreover, if you think that only Saturn and Uranus who have a ring, Jupiter has one. It also has 60 satellites around it, but most of them are very small and already dead. Jupiter is able to send a strong radio radiation. That radiation can even be detected from earth.

Back in 1994, there are the pieces of a comet called shoemaker-levy 9. The comet was broke apart and crashed into Jupiter. The patches of this comet are seen on the Jupiter’s atmosphere and it lasted for many months.

The astronomer’s call Jupiter as a failed star, but actually it only hasn’t reach its full potential to become a star. The fact is, Jupiter can ignite nuclear fusion if it has 70 times its current mass. So if you are able to crash dozens of Jupiter’s altogether, you will be able to make a new star. Still think you know the facts about Jupiter? Hopefully the article adds some information for you.