Do you know Facts About Kamala Harris? This is indeed shocking and at the same time exciting news for the majority of people in America, because the figure of American Senator, Kamala Harris, the first black woman and Asian American that has been elected as vice president with tickets from major parties in America.

Facts About Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris was born on October 20, 1964 in Oakland, California, with the full name Kamala Devi Harris. Kamala Harris has spent most of her life for about two decades struggling for the lives of many people with most of the achievements of the first time. Kamala Harris, the first-time black woman to serve as an attorney general of California, the first American Senator of Indian descent to date, the first black woman and an American with the first Asian descent to be elected as vice president. What you need to know about a black woman who succeeded in shocking the world, here are the facts about Kamala Harris.

The first black woman to accompany the President-elect, Joe Biden

Kamala Harris is the first mixed black and Asian American woman who registered herself as president of a major American political party in January 2019 for the 2020 presidential election. But she quit the presidential race a year later citing financial and internal organizational problems. The shocking news broke that in August, Joe Biden appointed Kamala Harris to accompany him as vice president of America.

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This is the biggest jump in the history of the career of an American Senator, Kamala Harris and also a great hope for Americans with a background of pluralism.

Spending free time mentoring young women

Kamala Harris, a woman warrior who is determined to spend most of her life for social activities such as fostering young women in between spare time. This is what Kamala Harris often does by filling in positive things and sharing knowledge with the wider community, one of which is these young women.

One of them, Iyahna Smith, explained that Kamala Harris had helped her in writing an essay as one of her university assignments, as well as provided a window for her to get an internship opportunity. In addition, she said that Harris had been helping her and being in high spirits over the years. This is an example passed down by her late mother, who during her lifetime coached graduate students.

The strength with strong character and dedication from the figure of Harris because he is seen as a role model and role model for many people and fighting for justice. Over time, Harris’s name has become big and the results of the 2020 elections are undoubtedly clear evidence as a national figure.

Her mother chose Kamala’s name

Kamala Harris has a mother named Shyamala Gopalan, who is very wise, it is said that her mother gave the name ‘Kamala’ as a good nod to Indian tribal and cultural roots – The name from Kamala which means ‘lotus’ in Sanskrit and also has another name which Sacred to Goddess Lakshmi in Hinduism, it literally means empowering women.

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In 1958, both Kamala’s parents immigrated to the United States. Kamala’s mother, Shyamala Gopalan, is a biologist who is very well known for her work on breast research. Meanwhile, his father, Donald J. Harris, originally from Jamaica, is a college practitioner, teaching Economics for many years before he decided to retire early around 1998.

Both of Kamala’s parents met at UC Berkeley while they were studying undergraduate programs and they both have the same similarities and strong willingness to carry out civil movements, and both are active in campus activities. When Kamala was born, her parents took her on a pram to protest on the streets. It is no wonder that Kamala, who we know today, inherited the vision and mission of her parents to fight for justice in various civil movements.

Facts About Kamala Harris : Kamala is foodie and crazy about cooking

This is one of the facts about Kamala Harris, an American Senator who also loves to cook. Yes, Kamala is also a woman who likes to eat and cook delicious food. He admits that he likes to eat and cook food by himself, having fun making meals. This can be seen in the posting of various types of dishes on his social media. The food posts made by her are always tantalizing to anyone who sees them and Kamala is always showered with praise from the food posted on her social media.

Did you know that after a few hours after Kamala Harris announced officially that she was elected as America’s first black female vice president, her fascination with this type of food and cooking has captivated her fans and fell in love with her. Kamala’s expertise is shown in how to cook food, whether it’s a cooking tutorial how to stir tuna melted or how to cook ‘Masala Dosa’. It seems like Kamala cannot be separated from her diet. Kamala is a very simple figure, it is evident that she often invites many people to eat together, surrounds the dining table and shows various kinds of dishes that she made with her own hands. Well, it is just simple but very delicious food.

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Kamala Harris is a well-known author

Kamala Harris is also a great book author, the book written for her is becoming the bestseller and a popular purchase after her official appointment as vice president to accompany Biden. No wonder the elected black vice president is becoming the trending topic of the authors of four books in the top 10 weeks on Amazon.

Several other books written by Kamala Harris include her own children’s book ‘Superhero are everywhere’, The truths we hold: An American Journey, as well as a children’s book about her niece Meena Harris which is entitled ‘Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea and Nikki Grimes who describe Kamala Harris: Rooted in Justice.

Those are some of the facts about Kamala Harris that you may not have known before. Maybe this is surprising to many people including you. In fact, there is much to hear about the black woman of vice president-elect to accompanying president Joe Biden, the woman with her simple life and has high social sense. Do you have another Facts About Kamala Harris? please tell us bellow.