Facts about Katy Perry are what all fans adore. They always want to know every detail about this talented singer. Even if there are lots of sources about her details, fans always wish to dig deeper into Katy’s existence. As a matter of fact, she is not just a singer. She is also a songwriter. She is definitely a multi-talented artist.

What Are Those 8 Interesting Facts About Katy Perry?

Some of these facts are well known. But, there are other facts that any fan should know. They include:

  1. Her Complete Bios

Yes, everyone knows that she was born in Santa Barbara, California, on the 25th of October in 1984. She has an older sister Angela. Then, her mother gave birth to Dan, her younger brother. Their parents named her Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. She is known well as Katy Perry because she is using the maiden name of her mother, Perry. She tried to avoid confusion as people might consider her name is similar to Kate Hudson, the famed actress.

She was born in a religious family as her mother and father are all pastors. It is not surprising that she started to sing at church since she was a child. She was actively singing in the church until 17 years old, which she started at nine.

The family was a very strict Pentecostal. This was why there were some movies that she and her siblings were not allowed to watch. One of the prohibited movies is The Smurfs. Her parents didn’t allow her to read Harry Potter novels, either, let alone watched the movie.

  1. School: Uncompleted!

Her passion for music was started at 15. Before that, she was still singing actively in church. Anyway, she was eager to join several singing competitions. She decided to stop her formal education at 15, though she was performing Italian Opera several times.

Some music producers in Nashville, Jennifer Knapp, and Steve Thomas were attracted to her singing style on the opera. Then, those producers asked her to learn guitar and improvise her singing ability. Then, she left her house at 17 for focusing on her musical career.

She started to record a demo of her voice in Nashville. Then, Red Hill Records signed her, in which she started her professional singing career by recording a gospel album in 2001. The album was ‘Katy Hudson’.

Until now, she still has no interest in continue studying.

  1. Her Inspiration

She adored the late Freddy Mercury, due to his excellent vocal. She was inspired by his way of singing since she was a child. But, she once stated that she got all the inspiration for singing from Alanis Morrissette. Her contralto vocal range turns out to be the beginning of the public’s acknowledgment of her powerful singing talent.

  1. Ups and Downs

Her excellent career was maybe the result of her perseverance through the ups and downs. The ‘Katy Hudson’ album was sold 200 copies. That was a good start, though. But, she tried her luck in secular music in Los Angeles. In 2004, she tried to make an album after signing to a label. But, it wasn’t a successful one.

She tried to get signed by Columbia Records, though the result was just the same as before. Columbia Records was also the label for Avril Lavigne. Columbia, previously, wanted Perry to imitate Lavigne’s style. But, Perry rejected it.

Then, in 2007, she had a chance to assist Dr. Luke after signed to Capitol Records in writing ‘I Kissed a Girl’. Another song that she co-wrote was ‘Hot N’ Cold’. Both songs were recorded under her first album, “One of the Boys”. But, it was a single ‘Ur So Gay’ which made her highly popular.

She continues writing songs for several singers like Ashley Tisdale, Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson, and many more.

  1. Unstoppable

Her career remains unstoppable, ever since. Almost all her albums were reaching great success. She also took part in some movies. It was so ironic that her debut was in the Smurfs in 2011 with her role as Smurfette. She was recalling those days when her parents forbid her to watch The Smurfs.

Her peak of exceptional career takes place between 2011 until 2014 when she obtained lots of awards. But, she was recently facing several lawsuits, whether they relate to copyright by Flame, as well as sexual misconduct toward Josh Kloss publicly.

  1. Social Life

She was a strong gay activist, in which she was supporting homosexual marriage. It wasn’t sure whether she was bisexual or not, but she had no doubt in kissing Whoopi Goldberg explicitly, back in 2008.

Her social life is like other common people. She regularly tweets and sends stories on her social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram. It was not surprising that she has more than 110 million followers on Instagram and Twitter.

  1. Paul McCartney’s Idol

McCartney and Perry are famous people from different generations. It was surprising that McCartney was admiring Perry for her strong commitment to her music career.

  1. Complicated Relationships With Family Members

She still has a good relationship with her sister. She once helped her sister in giving birth through the water birth process in her sister’s house. But, her relationship with her parents is somewhat complicated. Their parents, who are strict Pentecost pastors, condemned her because of her way of dressing, and her persistence in supporting gay marriage.

Her mother hated Perry’s first hit single, “I Kissed a Girl”. Her mother claimed that it was against the Bible. She once said that she was in the ‘rebellion phase’, through her dress lifestyle. But, Perry just gave a damn about what their parents said. She got married to Russell Brand in India with a Hinduism ceremony. Their marriage only lasts 14 months. 

Complicated Stories Of Perry

Facts about Katy Perry are more than just amusing. While she is not really religious at this moment, she claims that she prays regularly, and has a tattoo ‘Jesus’ on the left wrist, along with other tattoos.

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