Facts about life are exactly the same for everyone. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. They have similar chances to enjoy a happy life. What makes it different is how they face this life every day.

Some people have positive minds throughout their lives, while others don’t. This is actually the key to enjoying our life.  Everyone has a chance to live a happy life. As a matter of fact, nobody is free from trials.

For those who can escape trials without any excessive depression, they have positive minds that help them in passing all trials. They know how to appreciate every day of their lives. They realize the importance of how to take their lives one day at a time. They know that they can’t find a solution to their problems if they are depressed, because they can’t think logically.

Are you one of those people who face lots of challenges in your life? You are depressed about the seemingly endless failure? You are not alone. Millions of people experience the same way. All you have to do is to read this article and find out how you realize that the fact of life is not as complicated as you might have imagined before.

Facts About Life That Everyone Should Have In Mind

Life FactsIt is true that there are hard times that sometimes put us under great pressure. But, if we feel highly depressed, it is even harder to do things normally. It is hard to find a solution to our problems if we don’t have a clear mind. It is very important to refresh our minds before finally able to find the best solution.

These days, the majority of people worldwide face financial problems. This is sometimes unavoidable, no matter how hard they have struggled. But, if financial troubles are so hard, what makes those celebrities committed suicide? They also don’t have life insurance and it’s hard to found the solution when they face financial urgent problem.

Some highly popular persons committed suicide when they feel that they were ‘bankrupt’. Well, their level of ‘bankruptcy’ might not be similar to people in general. They should never be worried about what they ate and how to pay their utility bills. But, they were so depressed that they decided to cut off their lives.

Even worse, some prominent people committed suicide at their peak of popularity. For common people, this is ridiculous. Those celebrities don’t even lack anything. The fact is that fame is not the key to being happy.

Give Your Life A Huge Appreciation

Our life is a gift. There are always things to be thankful for. There are times when we don’t feel satisfied with what we have achieved. We haven’t any idea that there are more people who are more unfortunate than we are. This is particularly when we are still very much healthy and have a permanent job.

It is true that dealing with life is not a snap. A quality life requires a strong commitment to deal with three factors. They are:


Having patience is absolutely much easier said than done. But, patience guarantees a simple way to get through all kinds of problems. Dealing with problems patiently can help a person to think clearly in solving them. A logical verdict in facing the reality requires a high level of patience.

There is nothing to lose for any one of us to be patient. Farmers sow and reap within every circle of each plant. They don’t rush in reaping the harvested plants, as they know that there is always the right time for it. If they do it too early or too late, the result is not satisfying.

Patience is more about dealing with the fact of life. Patience requires a deep understanding of the consequences that we deal with, whether it is because of our fault, or even others! It is much easier to be patient with the wrong condition because of our fault. The real challenge is how we will remain patient when others do us wrong.

Others may say that we deserve to take revenge if others misconduct us. It is also much easier to follow the crowd to satisfy our ego. Believe it or not, rushing to judgment is like a fool. A person who doesn’t have a logical way of thinking is mentally weak.

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A successful person has been through a long process of being patience. There is no doubt about it. Success here is not always being rich. Not all rich persons have obtained their richness with a long-term endeavor.

People with a high level of patience and strong commitment are guaranteed to have a successful life in family and career life. Inspiring stories about famous people are full of patience, commitment, and understanding of others. Patience develops a strong character that can tolerate any disturbance. This is the beginning of success.

  1. Endurance

Endurance is the result of long-term patience. Anyone can survive from a strong endurance after a series of patience. People with strong endurance are willing to wait for the ‘right time’, no matter how hard it is to wait for it. They know that there is a season for everything.

Of course, it is an inconvenience to be endurance. When a person fails to be patient after a series of problems, they might also fail to endure the troubles. If it happens to us, keep in mind that there is nothing free in this world. The more expensive products have better quality, and nothing can change this theory.

Anyone who can cope up with those hard times will gain what they deserve. There are lots of people who have proven this theory. It is very easy to get examples in our daily lives, in which we often see famous people who gained their popularity in an instant with such controversial ways. Pretty soon, their popularity diminishes.

Strong endurance leads anyone to the way of feeling thoughtful towards others. There are times when anyone is feeling downgraded, having nothing, and nobody will take him for granted. Once he stays patient and bears a strong endurance, he can easily go through every problem. This is when he is full of sympathy towards others, who experience the same thing as he did before.

  1. Thoughtfulness 

This is the third thing that anyone should own to love one’s life. Feeling thoughtful about others is not easy. When a person hasn’t been through such a difficult situation, he won’t give a damn about others. A thoughtful person is easy to face a crisis because he knows that he is ready to face a better life level. He has been through hard times, and he will think, “What’s the worse that might happen?”

Appreciating Your Life Practically

Appreciate Your LifeLife is a sequence of goals. Anyone should fight for those goals. Or else, they will end up with nothing. When one decides to give up, he might be able to survive.

But, his life is just average. There are lots of people who decide to ‘play safe’. As long as they can gain their daily bread and live normally with their jobs, then there is nothing more to pursue. There is nothing wrong with it. But, is this kind of person has a good appreciation of his life?

Everyone has a brain. But, success depends on how one maximizes it. The brain is highly potential for imagining, memorizing, creating new things, and making innovations. Its power is too high that not all people can make the most of it.

Based on recent researches, successful people maximize their thinking skills. This is actually the key to reach success. Without any thinking skill, it is impossible to survive. Thinking skill relates to creativity that helps anyone to stand out from the crowds.

These days, rare companies hire workers if they can replace them with computers. Anyone who has no special skill won’t find jobs easier than those with special skills. Anyone who maximizes his brain is the one that appreciates his life more than others who don’t.

Keep in mind that life is not merely a matter of philosophy. Everyone’s life relates a lot to how one thinks and acts. What one thinks causes some acts, whether they are good or bad. A person who appreciates his life, will only use his brain for increasing his well-being.

Life Is Simple. People Make It Complicated

Believe it or not, life is definitely simple. Waking up in the morning, enjoying a cup of coffee, going to work or school, or taking kids to school, dealing with daily activities, going home, and having a rest. Yes, that is the basics of life. But, why people face problems that sometimes hard to conquer?

The answer is merely based on the human’s mind. Just admit that we often think of things that will happen in the future. They bother us, even if they actually don’t exist! Let’s make a very simple, daily example. When we wake up in the morning, we already think about whether we will have overload jobs or we will face traffic jams on the way to the office.  Any of them might not happen, but we already fulfill our minds with negative thoughts.

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Our mind controls everything that will happen. Our minds can determine whether we are happy or stressed in the next minute. It depends on how we deal with it. We have heard lots of theories about the power of the mind. We mostly admire those theories, though none of them that we apply.

Power of mind relates to the law of attraction.  When a person claims that he’s going to be lucky for the whole day, it will come true. As long as he is persistent, then he will experience what he has declared relentlessly in mind.

Of course, everyone has his own pressure. But, any pressure won’t kill anyone, as long as one has a clear, relaxing mind. When a person cannot conquer the stress feeling, then the feeling will overcome him. This is the beginning of a long-term depression that may lead to suicide.

Everyone deserves to have a stress-free life. So, if we feel stressed, then we deserve to get rid of it. We shouldn’t take on too much. It is always possible to alleviate stressed feelings. All we have to do is to eat and act healthily.

The simple daily routine of exercise and healthy food consumption are actually the first and the foremost thing to do. This is the simplest theory, which can be the most difficult to practice. Nothing else to say, that it requires strong dedication.

It is not about ‘have time’. It is about ‘make time’. Physical activities are as simple as swimming, cycling, walking, and jogging. For better approaches, add yoga or meditation for mind relaxation.

Mind the food intake. Everyone knows the kinds of healthy foods. Just notice the foods that we should avoid. Caffeine and alcohol should be reduced to the maximum. Some people say that they need more coffee to reduce stress. In fact, a high level of caffeine and alcohol will make things worse.

Need more advanced advice? Be nice to ourselves. Yes, we need to make a living by working hard. But, when we don’t get enough rest, we suffer from health disorders that avoid us to be more productive. We also deserve to pamper ourselves, as long as it doesn’t do any harm.

So, don’t over-think anything. It can make situations more complicated. Human thoughts should not be devoted to multiple situations. Make life simple by approaching a situation at a time. Next, focus on finding a few answers at a time.

Don’t Treat Your Life Wrong Or It Will Be Highly Destructive

Treating life in the wrong way will lead to a destructive life. This is when we don’t apply those healthy lifestyles, as they were mentioned previously. The simple life turns to be more complicated because of our own faults.

People with less exercise will surely suffer from both health and anxiety disorders. They can easily feel restless, suffer from difficulties concentrating, and put up with a high heart rate. When it happens in the long term, then it leads to chronic diseases, destructive habits, and even suicide.

So, things in life depend on each person. When we can deal with our lives positively, then we can control our lives fully. On the other hand, we can lead ourselves to a destructive life, whenever we treat it wrong.

Love Life, Love Your Body

Maintain Healthy LifeA healthy body is the main evidence of enjoying life. Anyone, who is free from chronic diseases, is both lucky and happy.  This is not an unusual thing.

At this moment, if we live a healthy life, with a very low level of awareness in doing regular exercises, then we are lucky. But, it won’t last too long. We might be in great shape because we were exercising regularly. We need to start it all over again. A researches with the topic is Psychological Facts About Love. Prove that we must love our self to drive us to many benefit.

People above their 40s need to pay higher attention to what they eat and the things they do. They might still maintain a healthy body at this moment, due to their healthy lifestyle when they were younger. Maintaining good health is much more complicated for older people. It means, starting all over again is a necessity.

Maintaining health is about living a good lifestyle. Leave smoke habit. It’s danger for our health. Read facts about smoking or smoking in car facts to know it details.

When Things Have Gone Wrong, Can A Person Reshape His Life?

It is not too early to start a healthy life. But, it is neither too late to reshape life. Nobody is too old to start a brand new way of life. There are times when humans fail. But, once they realize their mistakes, they can start to reshape their lives, as early as they can.

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Some people might need advice from professionals. This is particularly for those who have gone through several health disorders, like drug addiction.  Reshaping life may be harder than beginning a healthy lifestyle, but it is not impossible to do. Again, it requires a good commitment.

Reshaping life is not merely about changing old habits. It also requires goodwill to welcome some changes. Most of the time, people fail to reshape their lives, due to the rejection of changes, whether it is about habits, principles, and many more.

People who want to reshape their lives don’t only need professionals to help them. They also need the help of the closest people. Family members should be there to provide support because reshaping life is such a demanding effort that they should appreciate.

Have Fun, No Matter What

Facts About LifeDoes it sound too good to be true? Yes, it is, because it requires such a great exertion. But, we can’t go on our lives if we still bear a big ‘why’. There is nothing else that we can do unless we should go through it. The main key is to love the process and goal of our lives.

Facing a crisis leads to an understanding of facing the next level of our lives. Yes, it is agonizing. But, let’s count how much we lose time and chance to change our circumstances if we maintain our hopelessness. The fact is that everyone’s life is in the hand of the Almighty, no matter what their religions are.

Having a close relationship with the Almighty will bring lots of benefits. Most of the time, people who have such a good relationship with God can cope up with their situations. They must have experienced lots of problems before, so they can handle their emotions better. Experiences are the best teacher, right?

For those who are hardly disheartened, they must have thought that having fun is like getting blood from a stone. But actually, they should try as much as they can. Long-term depression won’t solve problems, so they’re actually wasting their time. Having fun is not always doing things that are out of the ordinary.

Having fun can be spending quality time with family members, mostly through outdoor activities. This is definitely one of the most effective ways to get rid of anxiety, depression, anger, and so forth. But, if outdoor activities are hard to do, spending some time playing with kids at home is still highly recommended. Try classic board games like monopoly, scrabble, and so forth for enhancing the relationship among family members.

Keep in mind that having fun is not always costly. Many activities are free to do. For singles, it is even much easier to have fun. They can buy giant puzzles, learn to paint, finishing lots of crosswords, or pampering themselves at the spa, enjoying chocolate ice cream and the list is endless.

Human’s Life Is An Endless Competition

After all of those explanations, it is important for everyone to realize that life is a competition that lasts till the end.  The competition is not against anyone else. It is about fighting an ego.  Everyone’s ego is his true enemy.

A baby is trying hard to go through a process that he can finally accomplish. A baby never gives up on crawling, standing, and finally walking. It will be a pity if an adult gives up easily on things that they haven’t fought for.

Life is a competition that allows human beings to evaluate themselves gradually. Some people finish the competition pretty fast. Meanwhile, it requires decades for others to win the race. The faster a person wins the competition, the better his life will be.

But, there are still lots of people who can evaluate their behaviors during their golden ages. There is nothing wrong with this. Again, it is not too late to start a better life, no matter how old they are. Human beings should face this competition wisely, in order to finish triumphantly. Have An Enjoyable Life!

There is no doubt that enjoying life is the key to a healthy, happy life. Giving up only leads to an iceberg phenomenon.  The facts of life are not as problematic as most people think. Business people, housewives, students, and even babies, have their own challenges. The summary of this article is that everyone has his own competition in life. It depends on how one conquers the challenge of winning the competition with the best achievement.