Pearls have been worn for centuries and very much in demand by women all over the world. Do you know some facts about pearls? Pearls symbolize power. If you realize, a lot of popular and powerful figures wear pearls in daily basis such as Oprah, Michele Obama, Katherine Heigl, and the Duchess of Cambridge. Not only are pearls popular among those public figures, laypersons are also fond of this shiny organic gem. Being very popular, not many people know these interesting facts about pearls.

Facts About Pearls: How Are They Formed?

Facts About Pearls - The Formed

The Formed Of Pearls

Pearls are formed from invertebrate animals called mollusks such as mussels and oysters. An irritant, or what is called particle, gets inside the mollusk’s cell. This irritant serves as the nucleus of the pearl. A nacre within the mollusk begins to coat the irritant once it gets trapped. The nacre consists of thousands of layers coating the nucleus. Over time, a pearl starts to form slowly. Typically it needs two to four years for most pearls to fully develop.

Pearls can come from seawater and freshwater. Saltwater pearls are considered more valuable due to their high luster and beauty. However, freshwater pearls are more durable. Whether it is a saltwater or freshwater pearl, it is one-of-a-kind in that it is the only gemstone produced by living animals.

Pearls Are The Oldest Gemstones

Pearl Necklace

Pearls are known as the “Queen of Gems” as they are the oldest gemstones in the world. The oldest pearl was found more than 7500 years ago in the Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. Due to the limited evidence on who found the pearl at the first time, the discovery cannot be attributed to one person in particular. It is believed that pearls was first discovered by a group of fishermen catching fish and marine life along the seashore.

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Myths And Beliefs About Pearls

Discovered thousands of years ago when science and technology were not really developed, pearls became shrouded in myths. The Persian legend says that pearls were formed when a rainbow met the earth in stormy days. The thunder and lightning during the storm resulted in the imperfections in a pearl’s appearance. Meanwhile, the ancient Japanese thought that pearls were at first the tear drop of mythical beings like angels, mermaid, or nymphs.

Legend also has it that Cleopatra put a pearl from one of her earrings on her wine glass and gulp it as she believed that she could take the riches of an entire population by doing so. Since then, the ancient Egyptians treasured pearls so much that they were even buried with them.

Although in this modern days, people realizes that all of the stories are just myths and legends, pearls are still considered as the symbols of luck, money, love, and wisdom. This is the reason why pearls are used in numerous occasions both as every day wear or special events.

What Is The Most Expensive Pearl?


Facts About Pearls - The most expensive

The nearly 75-pound pearl was found 10 years ago inside a clam. Approximately 2 feet long by 1 foot wide, it is valued at $100 million. Photo c@ Aileen Cynthia Amurao

The most expensive pearl is known to be the huge clam pearl found by fisherman on the coast of the Philippines. The Filipino fisherman discovered the two-foot long pearl inside the enormous clam and brought it home. He kept it under the bed, believing that it would give him a good luck. Several years later, his house burned down but the 26 inches pearl survived. The pearl weighs almost 75 pounds, as verified by the officials in the Philippines. Do you know how much it is valued? It’s $100 Million!

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Those are just a few interesting facts about pearls that not many people might have known. Overall, pearls are luxury items with a great story. Prized throughout his troy, pearls are also a perfect gem for millennial.