Facts about quartz that people know are mostly related to watch spare parts. While it is true that quartz is still becoming one of the main materials for watches, it is also the main material for countertops. There are unique things about this material that people are not fully aware of.

Interesting Facts About Quartz That You Might Never Have Heard Before

Quartz is mostly popular as the main material for watches.  Quartz is also popular among homeowners who prefer to have their houses decorated with quartz countertops. Yet, there is more to explore about quartz, along with its unique characteristics. So, check out these interesting features of quartz.

  1. The Origin of Quartz

So far, nobody can trace down how this mineral was found for the first time. Yet, it was Georgius Agricola who found the first name, in the 15th century. Quartz was derived from one of the German old words, querkluftertz. Querkluftertz means white quartz of vein. But, ancient Greek named this kind of rock crystal krystallos.

One of the ancient tribes who use quartz stones is the Sumerians.  They engraved quartz stones into a variety of daily pieces of equipment like ring seals, cylinder seals, and many more.  It was also the Sumerians who invented the stamp print on clay, as the main written object.  Meanwhile, ancient Egyptians also used quartz stones for beads and other kinds of gemstones.

Based on old researchers, quartz is rich in minerals variants, though its main ingredient is silicon dioxide (SiO2). Other impurities include potassium, lithium, and sodium.  Quartz almost always exists in most mineral environments, with various colors and forms. It is also becoming the major constituent of almost all rocks.

  1. It Is Still Widely Used As Watch’s Important Spare Part

Now, let’s discuss quartz watch. Kids, who were born around the 70’s, must have heard a lot about it. All high-class brands of watch applied quartz as their main material. At that time, this kind of watch was the most sophisticated device that only rich people could afford.  The distinguishing characteristic of the quartz watch was the red display in the form of LED.

However, quartz was not the first technology applied for a watch. Mechanical technology was introduced before the quartz. Mechanical gets its power from the kinetic energy, in which it is the human’s wrist. However, the power is produced by the spring, which has stored the energy. The mechanical watch will be less accurate when it is not worn for several days.

The quartz technology was introduced later on. The quartz movements take place when the battery delivers the small current to the quartz crystal. The crystal then produces power for the whole movement moving parts. This mechanism allows for less multifaceted movements, which can last longer than mechanical watch technology.

This is the magic of the quartz crystal. Its ability to deliver exact frequency is still unbeatable. Keep in mind that quartz was not only applied to watches. It is also used for several other electronic devices like mostly computers and radios. The accuracy of quartz crystal derives from its endurance from heat.

The quartz watch applies the crystal’s specific quality which can vibrate more than 32,000 times/second. All watches which apply quartz deliver a more accurate result. Though the crystal can react to temperature changes, it may happen after years of usage.

  1. Brazil Mines Have The Biggest Quartz

Photo by : Thomas McGuire

Now, let’s take a look deeper into the origin of quartz. Its biggest mining is still in Brazil, though there are still some quartz mines in several parts of the world like Japan, Madagascar, the Alps, and several areas in the United States. Yet, the biggest one for single quartz mineral can only be found in Brazil, which approximately weighs more than 40 thousand kilograms.

Mines in Rio Grande Do Sul are highly popular for their quartz large quantity. Yet, the varieties of quartz that are mostly found in Brazil include the popular amethyst, agate, and its varieties, rock crystal, and citrine. It is very interesting to find the various colors of Brazil’s quartz. But, the best quartz in Brazil is mostly available in some mines in Bahia. They are popular for their light hues that are adorned with effervescent golden streaks.

The fact is that Brazil is always popular for its gemstone mining. The majority of regions boast gemstone mining which supports their economy. Quartz is not the only precious stone that can be found in several mines here. There are tourmaline, diamond, opals, and many more.

These days, the major producers of quartz are Russia, China, and Japan. But, mine explorers still can find quartz in Brazil and several other countries like France, Bulgaria, the UK, South Africa, and German.

  1. Its Massive Existence

Its existence is so abundant that it covers almost all kinds of stones.  Throughout centuries, quartz is classified as the second most plentiful mineral in the crust of the Earth. The first place is Feldspar. Quartz can be found in almost all sedimentary rocks, as well as metamorphic rocks. Granites and rhyolites mostly contain quartz as their main minerals.

It doesn’t only exist massively, but it is also weather-resistant. This is why the quartz existence can stand the test of time. It concentrates more on sandstones. Yet, the lower levels of quartz are also available in sedimentary rocks. The sedimentary rocks’ metamorphism can increase the quartz volume significantly.

  1. Glass-Basic Material

Quartz glass belongs to one-component glass, which is also among the most important materials in almost all kinds of industry. This is particularly for glass-based products. But, there are several kinds of quartz glass. They are natural and synthetic quartz glass. The natural one is mined as pegmatite or rock crystal. But, the synthetic quartz glass is made by silicon tetrachloride by using the method of Flammpyrolyse.

Quartz glass has lots of advantages. One of its best features is the fine transmission ability in wavelengths, whether it is ultra-violet or infrared. It also has good endurance at high temperatures, though it has a low thermal expansion coefficient.

We often notice some glass products as lab wares. Those products are made of fused quartz, thanks to its excellent resistance to thermal shock and perfect electrical insulation. It can cope up the 1100°C operating temperature at the maximum.  Some products of quartz glass are also used for semiconductors, optical fiber, LED, and several other instruments that demands high level of heat resistance.

  1. Spiritual Purposes

This is why this mineral is widely used for various purposes. While it is very good for electronic devices, many people still use it for spiritual purposes. They consider that this crystal-like mineral has great power in absorbing the positive energy, for its surrounding. This is why it is very much used for holistic gardening.

The use of quartz crystal for gardening has been very popular for centuries. It was the native Americans who utilized the power of quartz for various purposes. They used them for healing, removing dark spirits, and bring positive energy to their daily lives. Now, the use of quartz for gardening is still very popular.

Keep in mind that it is not about superstition. Those gardeners believe that the four elements within the stones that contain quartz can enhance the garden’s balance. Most gardeners who use crystal quartz are designing a meditation garden.

It is not unusual, though, for some people to use quartz crystal for adding positive spiritual energy. People, who are actively doing yoga, mostly believe that quartz can help them in enhancing focus and balancing their energy. They believe that the clear quartz crystal can stimulate the nervous body system, which can support the growing process of some body parts like nails and hair. Crystal quartz is also believed to heal pain.

It’s easy to notice some people who place clear quartz crystal on their desks. But, there are also company owners who decide to use crystal quartz in the lobby or living room, entry door, and other high-traffic places. They are sure that quartz is the best purifier.

  1. Excellent Jewelry

Crystal jewelry is very common. But, not everyone knows that several kinds of jewelry are made of quartz. Rare people know that quartz has lots of varieties. They include rose quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, aventurine, and citrine.

The most popular ones are amethyst and rose quartz. They are considered the best quartz for jewelry. Jewelry from quartz is guaranteed to have high durability, with excellent results after being polished.

Back in the Roman era, sardonyx was among the most popular gemstones. The translucent characteristic was such a great charm at that time. But then, Roman people also use other colors in quartz crystal stones like the Jasper, Agate, Carnelian, and Aventurine. Onyx was also one of the most expensive quart stones, until now.

  1. Best Material for Petroleum

Isn’t it amazing to find out that this material for jewelry is also perfect for the petroleum industry? Quartz sand is hard to crush, thanks to its high level of resistance. The petroleum industry applies hydraulic fracturing, which is the process of forcing down sand slurries with very high pressure.

The origin name of petroleum quartz is Golden Enhydros. All jewelry aficionados agree that this is classified as the most gorgeous type of quartz. This crystal contains pure liquid oil with a fluorescent characteristic. The oil has been captured thousands or millions of years ago within the crystal.

Many online stores sell petroleum quartz at various prices. Keep in mind that the most expensive ones are guaranteed as original quartz stones. The reason is obvious, in which these kinds of crystal stones availability are highly rare. It requires decades for geologists to explore them in various places, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, and many more.

  1. Quartz For Countertops is Worth Every Homeowner’s Consideration

Among several quartz purposes, quartz for countertops is considered very unique. It is good for countertops, thanks to its sleek performance, yet the robust quality that ensures durability for any kitchen. Quartz countertops are popular with the name engineering stone.

Cleaning quartz countertops is highly comfortable for homeowners, thanks to its easy cleaning. The quartz characteristic can avoid remaining germ and bacteria on the surface. This extraordinary mineral can easily kill microbes, bacteria, and mold, while also avoid them to penetrate its surface. It only requires soft soap for daily cleaning, though quartz is still prone to extreme heat exposure for the long term.

Quartz countertops consist of more than just quartz stone, but also polymer resins and color pigments. Higher quality countertops utilize recycled glass flecks.

The most favorite quartz countertops are grey and black. Some homeowners also use them for their bathroom, for the sake of excellent design and perfect durability. The main reason why quartz countertops are highly recommended is the scratch resistance.

Besides, quartz countertops are considered safe for the environment. It is easy to recycle, as it is combined with other stones and very few chemical substances. Its flexibility is also another advantage for customization. It is easy to cut the quartz stone into various sizes and shapes. But, quartz may not be able to withstand the outdoor temperature, particularly direct sunlight. It is not only fading the colors but also splitting the worktops.

  1. Quartz for Computer Hardware

Isn’t it hard to imagine, how come a mineral from stone can be used as computer spare parts? Well, this is the real magic of quartz. The fact is that quartz has 100% silicon. It is also good at transferring electricity currency, so there is no doubt that quartz turns out to be one of the most crucial components for our gadgets.

Where can we find quartz in our computer?  The quartz crystal is on the clock generator in the motherboard.  Don’t underestimate the function of the clock generator, because it provides the signal to all motherboard components. The clock oscillator also connects to the clock produce circuit. When the crystal is broken, then the motherboard won’t start.

The quartz crystal ensures the computer timer precision. The crystal works as both the capacitor and the resistor. So, the main function is similar to the crystal quartz as watches’ internal parts.

The Magical of Quartz Is Unbeatable

Can we say that those facts about quartz are too amazing, that this mineral is actually very much precious? Does it mean that the quartz crystal is much more precious than diamond because of its high functionality for various life aspects?