Everyone has their own ideal pet criteria. Choosing a rabbit as a pet can also be the right choice. Some facts about rabbits will make you believe that a cute rabbit can indeed give you satisfaction if you keep it.

Rabbits are cute tame animals and are often used as pets. These animals often fall prey to predators and therefore rabbits are generally very timid. Rabbits are classified as mammals that belong to the Liporidae group. If you are interested in rabbits or want to raise them, you can listen to some facts about rabbits below.

Most Interesting Facts About Rabbits

  1. Rabbits are capable of reproducing in large numbers

Rabbits have a fairly short gestation period. The gestation period for a female rabbit is between 28 and 31 days. So that the time to give birth to a child at any time is very fast. Rabbits breed about 2 to 3 times a year.

Meanwhile, in each pregnancy, rabbits can give birth to 9 to 14 rabbits. As for the age of 3-4 months, rabbits have started breeding. Based on these facts, you must be able to imagine how many rabbits you can get after breeding.

  1. Rabbits have sharp eyesight

Rabbits, which are easy prey for predators, are also equipped with the ability to survive. One of them is through his sharp eyesight so that he can swiftly escape from predators. Rabbit’s vision can reach up to 360 degrees. Wow, is that amazing? Even to catch it secretly from behind you will be in trouble!

  1. Rabbits are bored
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When deciding to raise a rabbit, you should know that this animal has a nature that gets bored quickly. So never let a rabbit be alone in the cage, because he needs a friend. Apart from that, rabbits are also social animals who like to live with each other.

If you leave it alone, the rabbit will get bored and experience stress. In addition, you can also provide cute toys for the rabbit in the cage. To keep a rabbit, a large cage is needed, so that he can still move actively. Rabbit toys that you can complete in their cage are, for example, a kind of tunnel because they really like to hide behind tunnels.

Rabbits dig complex tunnel systems called warrens for nesting and sleeping. The warrens has many entrances that allow the animals to escape in a pinch.

  1. Rabbits have unique characters

Each rabbit has its own unique character. When you raise a rabbit, it takes a long time to really understand the character of the rabbit. Either the rabbit has a lazy, cheerful or active character.

When you have been keeping your rabbit for a long time, you will begin to be able to guess the mood of your rabbit from its behavior. For example, when they are happy rabbits will jump and rotate their bodies which is called “binky”.

  1. Rabbits sometimes eat their own feces

Maybe you will be amazed by this one fact. Rabbits are unique animals, because they can eat their own feces. Rabbits need two times the process of eating in order to absorb the nutrients they consume optimally.

  1. Rabbits don’t just love carrots
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Some of us think that rabbit food is carrots. This was not true, because rabbits like various kinds of vegetables such as kale, lettuce and other types of vegetables. Carrots are very high in sugar, so rabbits shouldn’t eat carrots in every diet. Just once in a while.

Some rabbit keepers admit that rabbits are sensitive to the food they eat. If it does not match one food, it can easily develop diarrhea.

  1. Rabbits have a longer life

For those of you who love rabbit animals, maybe you can be happier. Because rabbits are one of the animals that have a longer life, even up to 10 years if they experience healthy growth. So, you can make this animal as a companion to play with, because of its longer age.

  1. Rabbits have strong teeth and will not stop growing

Rabbits have 28 teeth to eat. Unlike other types of animals, rabbits have sharp and strong teeth, especially the two front teeth for cutting plants. Plus, the rabbit’s teeth won’t stop growing. Every year rabbit teeth grow up to 5 inches.

  1. Rabbits have a unique voice

Rabbits have a unique voice, even they often mimic cat-like sounds. Like cat, happy rabbits purr when they’re content and relaxed. This rabbit’s ability will certainly make us even more angry with him.

  1. Rabbits feed their cubs for a short time

Rabbits are one of the animals that breastfeed their children in a very short time, it only takes 5 minutes a day to feed and drink their children.

Other Rabbit Interesting Facts

Apart from the 10 rabbit facts above, there are some other interesting rabbit facts that you need to know. These facts include the following:

  • There are 45 types of rabbits that are well known to humans.
  • Rabbits are unique animals, because these animals cannot vomit because their digestive system physically cannot move in reverse.
  • Rabbit manure can be used by farmers for various types of plant fertilizers.
  • Rabbit’s body can only sweat from the soles of its feet.
  • Rabbit meat is not red like other animal meat, but rabbit meat is white.
  • Rabbits are animals that fall into the category of lagomorphs, not rodents (rodents).
  • To prevent coils of fur in their stomachs, rabbits need hay to aid their digestion.
  • Rabbits are prone to heat stroke. Therefore, they prefer to live in cool places.
  • Rabbit hearing is very good. They can rotate their ears 180 degrees. Wow!
  • Baby rabbits are called “kittens”
  • Some rabbits are as big as toddlers
  • Rabbits groom themselves like paint do
  • They are really good jumper that it can reach 3.26 up to 10 feet off the ground
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Those are some interesting facts about rabbits to understand. If you want to raise a rabbit, know the nature and some facts related to rabbits that we have outlined in this article. May be useful!