Facts About RobotsIn this site we already discuss about digital improvement facts such as Machine Learning Facts, Cyber Security Facts, and Artificial Intelligence Facts. Now, we will discuss some facts about robots. Facts about robots are actually very unique because nowadays’ kids think that this is a very common product. They don’t know the overall process of creating a robot, which was only imaginary during the ’60s. Robots were only movie characters that were beyond the truth. But now, every single electronic device is maximizing a robot within. Even robots replace human resources since the millennium.

Facts About Robots; What Did You Expect To This ‘Creature’?

It was hard to believe that robots have become humans’ best friends during the past three decades. The existence of robots is hard to avoid. On the other hand, human beings really depend on robots, which becomes very useful for business, daily house chores, and also education. So, check out some robot facts that you might haven’t heard before.

  1. Invented in the US, Robot is The Czech’s Word 
George Charles Devol

George Charles Devol

Joseph Engleberger

Joseph Engleberger

The first facts about robot is the true meaning about it’s name. Robota in Czech means ‘hard work’. It was still unknown why the American Inventor, George C. Devol, created robots in the 1950s. Then, he patented ‘Unimate’, his reprogrammable manipulator. But, it was Joseph Engleberger who gain a robot patent from Devol, in which he modified robots for several purposes. It was the beginning of his popularity as the inventor of ‘Robotics’.


  1. Is Robot ‘Originated’ in Egypt?

Next facts about robots are the origin of it. Is it from Egypt? As the country with the oldest civilization, it is not hard to believe that this country was mostly the origin of almost all things. It includes a robot. Of course, we couldn’t expect to see robots working as the replacement of the Israelites after their exodus. But, human figurines were used broadly in the country for carrying out some physical tasks. It was during the 3000 B.C. The figurines were using the power of the water clocks.

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An inventor from Egypt in 400 B.C. named Archytus was also inventing a flying wooden pigeon, which was operated by using hydraulic. A wooden robot was also invented in the 1st century A.D, in which the robot was fetching the daily bread of the Emperor from the store.

  1. Leonardo Da Vinci Had It in Mind!

The famous painter already had an imaginary robot, as he was illustrating this as a part of modern life. The realization of Da Vinci’s sketch was accomplished by Mark Roshiem in 2002. He created a talking robot, with the design, based on Leonardo da Vinci’s basic design. The robot then was developed for doing some tasks in NASA.

  1. Fully Programmed

Kids in the 70s loved to watch a movie series titled “Small Wonder’. Though it wasn’t the first robot movie from Hollywood, the series was a great hit. In the movie, the robot named Vicky was still showing her feeling, whenever there were family members who faced some problems. The fact is that there has been no robot that was created as a creature with a feeling. Robots do as they are programmed.

However, some experts wish to create a robot with a feeling, like Baymax, the character in Big Hero 6. However, Baymax was almost similar to the robots created by Andrea Lockerd Thomaz. They have white faces and big eyes and can interact with humans pretty well. At this moment, she is focusing on a robot’s artificial intelligence, so they can imitate human speech and gesture.

  1. Japan Is The Central of Robot
Japan Robots In Hotel

Japan Robots In Hotel

It was known very well that Japan has almost everything is under controlled by machines. It is hard to find human beings in banks, hotels, public service offices, and also giant department stores. All human tasks are handled by robots. Believe it or not, this country utilizes approximately half a million industrial robots. The amount is similar to half of the whole population of robots worldwide!

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At this moment, robots are not only maximized for vehicles and computer manufacturing. Robots can also deal with the agricultural, mining industry, and also energy-environment tasks. Japan has the most popular robot called Nao. His existence is duplicated in several companies. The first company that used his service is Mitsubishi Financial Group.

The ‘offspring’ of Nao is easily seen on banks for identifying customers, futuristic hotels for replacing the door key for each room and also serving cups of coffee at Nestle. This kind of robot is programmed with the ability to speak about 20 languages.

  1. Robots for Car Manufacturing 

Honda Robotic ManufactureThe booming of the car industry was marked in the 80s’. During the time, robots were utilized broadly. Almost all popular car manufacturers used robots for painting, spot welding, dispensing, and so forth.

Honda, the famous car manufacturer, created Asimo. It is the most lucrative humanoid robot that Honda created specifically for the research and development program. The cost of robot production reached approximately $2,5 million.

  1. Micro Robot For Surgery

Most people imagine that robots are big creatures with their overall body parts are made of metals. But, there is a microscopic robot, called Nano-robot. The 100mm width robot is now used as a drug delivery within the human bloodstream. The robot is only used in delicate procedures of surgery.

  1. A Robot Doctor 

Baymax wasn’t only a special robot with a feeling. He is also a good doctor with very precise identification. At this moment, robotic experts are dealing with an artificial intelligence robot that can diagnose any medical problem that occurs on human beings. Still, it is still hard to predict the existence of a surgery robot. Besides, it is too risky, because surgery skills can’t be accomplished by a computer that programs any robot.

  1. Sophia, The Prettiest Robot
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Sophia The RobotHanson Robotics, a Hong-Kong company created Sophia, the humanoid robot who owns characteristics which are very close to human. She was awarded as a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Of course, no other robot has such a privilege.

Are Human Beings Threatened With Robots’ Existence?

Believe it or not, facts about robots that might surprise anyone will make everyone worries about the future. The good thing about the robot is its fast and accurate identifying result. But, the major drawback of utilizing a robot is the decreasing demand for human resources in many offices. This fact might cause a high rate of unemployment, particularly in big cities. So, What do you think after read Facts About Robots article?