Do you know facts about smoking? For some people smoking is a difficult habit to remove. According to them, there is a lot of pleasure derived from smoking that makes them feel reluctant to abandon the habit. Actually, to be able to quit smoking completely, a smoker should start it by changing the attitude and mindset about smoking. Smoking is addictive and always associated with denial. Someone often use denial when they asked to quit smoking. Sometimes, they argued with wrong reason to  keep their smoking habit. You should know some facts about smoking then you can start quitting now.

  1. The common fact is that smoking can cause air pollution, global heating, poisoning, asthma and infant death syndrome sudden. Please remember ! . You do not live alone in this world and your hobby is not only dangerous for  you but also for many people around you such as your family and friend. In the United States up to 3000 deaths due to passive smoking are happened each year. So, if you smoke you will danger the non-smoker people close to you.
  2. Smoking is responsible for a lot of preventable illnesses and deaths all over the world.
  3. There are about 3 million smokers die each year due to illnesses related to their smoking habits around the world. Smoking-related deaths in the United States are about 440,000 every year. In the United Kingdom, smoking-related deaths are about 106,000 every year.
  4. It is estimated that about 3000 teenagers have the smoking habit every day in the United States.1 of 3 teenage smokers will die due to his bad habit later in life.
  5. Nicotine is more dangerous than cocaine, heroin or alcohol, viewed from the levels of dependence. Moreover, smoking is a local product which is easily available anywhere and anytime. Addiction to tobacco leaves more negative effect than heroin.
  6. Smoking destroys vitamins, particularly vitamin C and B. You should know that it can be critical to supplement yourself with these vitamins if you smoke.
  7. Smoking can reduce the level of concentration. Smokers get into more auto accidents due to having fewer alert , slower reflects, and also due to fussing around while driving. That’s why it is illegal to smoke while driving in Czechoslovakia. Accident-proneness has been related to smoking.
  8. Smoking also has some negative effects for your skin. It can reduce blood flow to the skin and your skin seems to be dry and sallow. It will also encourage wrinkles to develop around the mouth and “crow’s feet” around the eye. Your skin and teeth will be stained due to this bad habit. Other bad effects are the stale tobacco smell, premature skin ageing and wrinkling and delays wound healing.
  9. Smoking also leave some bad effects on the face such as puckered mouth from smoking action, Wrinkles around the eyes, pale complexions, and sagging wrinkled skin.
  10. Smoking is very dangerous during pregnancy. If a woman smoke during pregnancy, her baby will average 6 ounces less and its pulse will be 30% faster than a non-smoker’s baby. Some premature births have been caused by smoking during pregnancy since there is a direct link between parents’ smoking and children’s respiratory disease.
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Well, the ten facts about smoking above are the reality happened around the world. Then, what should you do? Yes, you should stop smoking if you a smoker . Trust me, smoking won’t give you any positive effects. It just remains the bad future for you. Avoid smoking is better if you are have not became a smoker. I hope you want to build a good new habit after read all those facts about smoking. Have A good life without smoke!