Software developers might be familiar for most of you. What are fun facts about software developers? Here we give you some fun facts about software developers. Let’s check it out!

Fun facts about software developers you need to know

  1. is the site for most of software developers in looking for solutions
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About 90 percent of software developers looking to find solutions to complex problems will go to This Stack Overflow has more software developers contributing to this community than any other site. in most cases too, you can quickly find the solution you are looking for on the site while ensuring that the information is reliable and accurate.

Every year, Stack Overflow conducts a survey to gather information related to software developers accessing their site, one of the sites with the most comprehensive software developer surveys ever conducted. More than 64,000 software developers provide their information regarding where they work, what they do, and what technology they use to solve software problems. Here are some interesting statistics collected by Stack Overflow.

Job and position of a software developer, the survey results stated that the participants considered themselves to be:

  • Developer
  • Programmer
  • Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Senior developer
  • Full-Stack developer
  1. The Full-Stack Developer

The position of “full-stack developer” is by far the most popular choice with an interested percentage of 72.6 percent. Job position of a software developer based on survey results from respondents, this full-stack developer is the most preferred position.

A full-stack developer typically has knowledge of between five and six programming languages as well as major frameworks. Meanwhile, executives usually think of themselves as full-stack developers.

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They are generally more comfortable wearing different technologies. this is mainly because they tend to have a lot of experience and have been in the industry for a long time. It should be noted that the people identified as full-stack developers are mostly from the United States compared to other countries around the world.

  1. What is the average age of software developers?

For a “hardcore developer,” the highest percentage of respondents was between the ages of 25 and 29. but this does not mean that a software developer is not over 30 years old. those who are older simply stop seeing themselves as “hardcore developers.”

  1. How is the average level of experience of a software developer?

Most of the respondents had two to five years of experience. this amount of experience is usually shared by most mid-level software developers who are involved in heavy development on a daily basis. The next total experience span is 6 to 10 years, which is typical of Full-Stack Developers. As for the 11+ years’ experience mostly owned by the Technical Manager.

These fun facts about software developers must have enriched your knowledge about the professions.

  1. What is the gender trend of software developers?Facts About Software Developer - gender

Men tend to be interested in software developers so that men are still in the majority with 88.6 percent of the workforce. Even then, this number is still significantly less than the 2016 survey, where at that time the number of men reached 92 percent of the software developer workforce.

This could be because computer science and software developer jobs are mostly promoted to male students. but now that trend will begin to change where the gap will be covered by women who have been more and more involved in the world of software development.

  1. Level of education
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As much as 76.5 percent of a software developer admitted that their education level was a bachelor’s degree or higher. The other half of the software developer is self-taught. from this it can be seen that industrial development still upholds formal education.

What if you are getting more interested?

Among the fun facts about software developers that have been discussed above, it is that Stack Overflow has managed to compile as one of the most visited developer sites on the Internet. If you are interested in becoming a good developer, then you have to keep practicing the latest methods and technology so that your career can move forward. If you want to become a new software developer or have become a current software developer and want to add to your skills, then the right solution is to take training in the various courses available.

Those are some fun facts about software developers. We hope this article can increase your knowledge about software developers.