Previously, We have talked about Spain Facts. Now, we will discuss Facts about sports in Spain. There is no doubt that football is the most popular sport in Spain and even other countries in Europe. Spaniards love football very much that there is a football field in every town for them to play and watch the game. In addition to football, there are actually other sports that play significant roles in Spanish culture and society. Here are some facts about sports in Spain you need to know.


As mentioned above, it cannot be denied that football is the most famous sport in Spain. It has gained high popularity since the 20th century and now is the country’s national game. The most famous international football teams are born in Spain such as Barcelona and Real Madrid. Spanish football players have fans not only all over the country but all around the world.

The Spanish national team has a unique style of playing called Tiki-taka. It is characterized by passing the ball quickly and interchanging positions and movement. Possession of the football is the key of the tactic. Many people believe that this strategy is the reason behind their phenomenal success in recent years.

City councils and official sponsors usually place big screens in city centers for important games so that people can watch the Spanish team from anywhere. Several giant screens are usually placed around Real Madrid’s stadium and thousands of people gather around the place to support La Roja. It is the most popular area to enjoy important games. The place is called Fan Park.

Whenever there is a Spanish match, football chants are always heard. The festive environment can last for several days. People chants and songs football songs and slogan. When the team wins, they gather around the streets celebrating the victory together.


Tennis is another big sport in Spain. Spain is the country where great Tennis players are born. One of them is Rafael Nadal who is also the country’s leading player. Tennis was considered as an elite sport but its popularity has grown tremendously in the last few decades that nowadays, it’s played by almost anyone in Spain.

It is now very easy to find courts at country clubs, private sport centers, and hotels. Generally, clubs open from early in the morning to midnight. They also organize regular tournaments and even offer people tennis coaching throughout the year.


This sport is almost similar to tennis but padel is simpler and easier. It’s been enjoyed by Spaniards since 1980s which means that this sport is relatively new in Spain. Just like tennis, padel requires three elements; the racquet, the ball, and the court. The court is smaller and lower than that of tennis and it has no double lanes.

Padel is much more played than tennis because it’s easier to play. It doesn’t take much time to learn padel. Besides, it is not physically demanding so people of all ages can play this sport. Spaniards play padel to promote highly social relations. However, in order to participate in competition, players should be licensed.


Basketball is the second most popular sport in the country after football. Spain has a national basketball team that regularly take part in EuroCup, EuroLeague, and other international championships. The most well-known Spanish basketball players might be the brothers Marc and Pau Gasol. They are also considered as the role models for younger players.

One of the biggest basketball team in Spain is Real Madrid. It was founded in 1933 and at present, the team has participated in more than 30 championships both and national and international level.


Spain is truly a country for two-wheel fans. Cycling is everywhere in Spain and participated by many people throughout the country. From asphalt to mountains, from cycling with fellows to pedaling alone, there is always cycling destination for everyone.

Spain’s geography makes it possible for cycling enthusiasts to bike at all levels. The most popular one is Lagos de Covadonga. It is considered as the best climb in Spain which is visually spectacular as well. It is really a worthwhile challenge to all cyclist to make it to the top of the climb.

Cycling is now the most popular gym sport in the country. Urban cycling is equally popular with hundreds of kilometers of bike lanes. Seville, Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona, are some of the most bike-friendly cities in Spain where there is a wide array of bike rentals available.


Many people know that cricket is popular in some of South Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In fact, it is also a popular sport in Spain. This sport has been played by Spaniards since 1975. The first tournament Spain participated was the ECC Trophy held in Austria in 2001. Since the event, the cricket national team has participated in numerous competitions. Lastly, they became winners in Iberia Cup in 2019.


Although handball is not as popular as other ball games, it becomes one of the most-widely played in some European countries particularly in France, Germany, and Spain. Recently in December 2020, the icon of Spanish handball, Juan de Dios Roman, passed away. He dedicated his whole life to handball for more than half a century.


Bullfighting is popular in Spain, Portugal, and France. It is a physical competition (fighting) involving a human (matador) and a bull in an outdoor arena. To many people, bullfighting is not a sport. Instead, it is considered as an art. The practice of bullfighting is controversial as it is considered as torturing animals. Therefore, it is illegal in most countries. In Spain, however, it remains illegal because it is a part of Spain’s national heritage. It is considered as a grand tradition

One of the most interesting facts about Sports in Spain is that most of the popular sports of the country are dominated by ball games. The only two popular sports that don’t involve ball are bull riding and cycling. It is probably due to the extreme popularity of football in the country that makes other ball games are also popular.