Facts about the holocaust are still being debated by a lot of people around the world. Holocaust is The Holocaust was the massacre of six million European Jews during the Second World War.  The tragedy was begun in 1933 when Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi came to dominate the authority in Germany. The massacre was ended in 1945 when the Nazis were conquered by the Allied powers. Some of you must have read or heard about it. Actually most of the news told about Holocaust is considered as propaganda but for some people it is an indisputable historical fact. However, the historians like Professor Robert Faurisson and Roger Garaudy French, must bear the responsibility for their writings that reveal the facts behind the Holocaust, among others: there can’t be six million Jews at that time. In fact, the victims of the races of Europe in World War II are more than the Jewish.

Facts About Holocoust

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The Myths

History of Hitler’s atrocities during World War II left many sad story for some people, including the Jews. Hitler hated the Jews that is considered damaged the economy of Germany. Some sources reported that Hitler had massacred many Jews. In their stories, Hitler was said to have slaughtered 6 million Jews. What a very large number of people. Did Hitler really slaughter the Jews so much? The answer can be right and wrong. Indeed, the true answer, Hitler had killed many Jews, and the wrong answer is Hitler did not kill Jews so much. In this case there is no evidence or witnesses to confirm the facts about the holocaust. The story is still a mystery that will always make people curious.

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Some Facts about the Holocaust

In World War II, the Nazis made war with many nations. This battle caused many casualties. Even in the Nazi party itself amounted to 9 million people and 5.1 million people into custody. In fact, the Nazi’s enemy troops (Russia) had been massacred up to 25 million people (stated by Hollywood director, Oliver Stone). He also revealed that the Jewish lobby is very strong in the White House. He said it when interviewed by the Sunday Times. Then what is the victim of the Jews themselves? One observer of Iran, Mohammad Taqi Pour Doctor said that the total number of German Jews who reached 600 thousand, 400 thousand of them on the orders of Hitler had left Germany before World War II waged. It means that there are about 200 thousand Jews remained in Germany. This statement was strengthened by a statement from Richard Williamson (a clergyman from England) who said that Jewish casualties are only about 200 to 300 thousand people. Even, it less than 5% of 6 millions.

Basically there are some evidences that the Holocaust is just a hoax. In the era of World War II, there are no reports of mass murder Jews. The report the International Red Cross and state officials negotiating a number of opponents of the Nazi did not mentioned details about the burning of Jews by other Nazi. Another evidence is Hitler was never instructed the genocide against the Jews in the documents of the Nazi government. Even, there is no a note on the allocation of funds for the program. Because, the slaughter program of six million Jews were certainly planned well and need a lot of funds.

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Finally, there are no facts about the holocaust that could be trusted completely. History is something that has been passed and do not have absolute truth.