Do you know facts about Venus? Yes, the second closest planet from the Sun. During many years, people believe that there is life like on earth in this planet. The fact is Venus atmosphere contains no oxygen and contains 97% carbon dioxide, 3% nitrogen. It means that it does not allow the existence of life on this planet. Here are 7 facts about Venus. Some you might know and others might be a new knowledge for you.

“Venus – Computer Simulated Global View” by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC BY 2.0

  1. This planet is believed to be the hottest planet in the solar system. Thick carbon dioxide pressure 92 times Earth’s atmospheric pressure in the dry landscape. Dull clouds blocking the view of the planet’s surface is the sulfuric acid. Venus gets the sun two times more than it illuminates the earth. This extra heat causes the evaporation great in the beginning of the water surface. Further warming of Venus triggers a greater evaporation until the oceans were dried up and disappeared.
  2. Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise. All the planets in our solar system orbit the sun in the opposite direction and almost all of them spinning in the direction of its axis when viewed from the sun’s north pole. This second planet has a retrograde rotation as Uranus. It means that the sun rises in the west and sets in the east on the planet. Clockwise rotation is probably the result of cosmic collisions early in the history of Venus.
  3. Venus is called as the Earth’s twin. Earth and Venus have very similar size and mass, and they orbit the Sun in very similar orbits. The size of Venus is only 650 km less than the size of the Earth and it has 81.5% the mass of the Earth.
  4. Venus has no moons. This is one of some differences between earth and Venus. Venus has no moons like the earth has. So, you have to be happy to live in the earth, not in Venus.
  5. Venus is stated as the brightest object viewed from the Earth after the sun and the moon. It might be one of facts about Venus which can be proven easily. Its brightness can range between -3.8 to -4.6 magnitudes.
  6. There are more volcanoes on Venus compared to any other planet in the Solar System. There is no statement whether any of these volcanoes are still active. Venus also has some mountains that are higher than Earth.
  7. There’s a spacecraft on Venus right now. One of the most sophisticated spacecraft has been travelled on Venus is Venus Express which was sent by the European Space Agency. It arrived at Venus on April 11, 2006 to perform a detailed study of the Venusians atmosphere and clouds and will map the planet’s plasma environment and its surface.

All of the above facts is only few of the various facts about the Venus. It is important for us to find out new facts about the solar system. The astronomers will always present the new facts that might make us stunned. So, we should appreciate their effort in delivering some new facts.