The volleyball game turns out to have a unique side. Fans of this game should know at least ten facts about volleyball below. These facts might surprise you. Whether you are a professional player or just a spectator, you need to know this interesting fact.

Fun Facts About Volleyball and its Huge Fans

Did you know that volleyball fans are the second largest number of sports compared to other sports? Of course, because there are many different types of volleyball. You can play volleyball on closed, open, and even beach fields. This game system requires a lot of people. This teamwork is what makes this sport even more challenging.

Volleyball is not nearly as old as the football game, but its fame has almost eliminated the sport of football. This game appeared in 1900 and just entered the Olympics in 1964 in Tokyo. The first volleyball championships for boys were held in 1949 and for women in 1952. A Director of Medical Education created volleyball at YMCK in Holyoke, Maryland. Initially, volleyball was explicitly created for indoor games but then beach volleyball appeared in the 1920s in California.

Unique Facts of Volleyball Tournament

Volleyball has its uniqueness compared to other sports. Playing volleyball requires specific techniques, so even players cannot hit the ball arbitrarily. Players must master at least four primary techniques, such as serving, passing, smashing, and blocking. This technique becomes the most interesting fun facts about volleyball. Apart from the uniqueness of playing styles, another essence is the type of ball, the net, or the players’ movement. So, we are giving you the five fun facts about volleyball based on the technicality of the game.

  • Volleyball net uses a tennis net that reaches 6 feet over 6 inches high
  • Initially, volleyball used basketball until the Spalding Company discovered the form of volleyball as it is today
  • During a match, the volleyball player can jump up to 300 times.
  • The characteristics of volleyball are similar to tennis and handball.
  • The only Olympic sports game that prohibits players from wearing a lot of clothing is Beach volleyball.

Interesting Facts About Volleyball Tournaments

The following 6 to 10 facts are guaranteed to amaze you. It turns out that volleyball tournament players are very professional. This fact also makes you realize that this game is not as easy as it looks. Here is the 6th to 10th fun fact about volleyball tournaments.

  • The longest volleyball game takes place in Kingston, Northern California, for 75 hours 30 minutes.
  • The biggest beach volleyball tournament in the world is Usedom BeachCup 2007, held in Karlshagen, Insel Usedom, Germany in July 2007, involving 890 players.
  • The biggest beach volleyball tournament in the world is Usedom BeachCup 2007, which was held in Karlshagen, Insel Usedom, Germany in July 2007, involving 890 players
  • The ball’s speed in the volleyball service is the fastest done by Matey Kaziyski, with a 132 km/hour speed.
  • The bait and smash (set and spike) first appeared in the Philippines in 1916. The Filipino language for smash (spike) is “bomba,” and the player who does it is called “”

Extra Information For Volleyball Lovers

As additional information, William G. Morgan, the inventor of volleyball, was initially inspired by the basketball created by James Naismith. William wanted to make a game for older people, a not as demanding sport as running.

William finally created a game called Mintonette. Mintonette, which is known as volleyball in today’s world, is a sport that combines elements of basketball, badminton, and baseball. Over time, mintonette is liked by many people, and this game is growing. Its name was officially changed to volleyball (volleyball) in 1896.

Hopefully, this article adds your insight and can release your longing for this sport facts. Lastly, we wish you enjoy these ten best fun facts about volleyball.