Everyone knows that there are 12 zodiac signs and many people believe that each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses along with its own specific traits towards life and people. Zodiac signs are determined from the position of the moon, the sun, and planets on the Ecliptic at the moment of birth. This is a part of astrology that can give a clue on basic characteristics, flaws, fears, and preferences of a person. Regardless whether you believe or not with horoscopes, it is so interesting to learn some facts about zodiac signs.

The Origin Of Zodiac

Who came up with the idea for looking at star constellation to predict something about human life is still unclear. One thing for sure is that since the ancient time, humans have looked at things in nature to make some predictions. In ancient cultures, some form of astrology appears in various systems of belief.

In Ancient China, for example, aristocrats looked at sunspots or eclipses as signals of good or bad times for their emperors. Meanwhile the Sumerians and Babylonians had other divination practices, for instance, looking at spots on the animals’ entrails and liver. They also watched stars and planets to know when gods were in the sky. The evidence of it is The Venus tablet of Ammisaduqa.

The tablet dated to the first millennium BC provides the record of Venus astronomical observation. It is one of the earliest pieces of Babylonian planetary portents. The ancient Egyptians contributed the idea that the “move” of the sun at a particular times during the year led to different patterns of starts that made up constellation.

The idea came up around 330 BC when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt. Since then, there has been a lot of changes concerning the idea of divination involving planets’ move. Furthermore, the ancient Egyptians were great in logic and mathematic, the worked out the rules further to know how that worked.

NASA has explained how that logic resulted in the creation of zodiac signs. It all starts with an imaginary straight line made between Earth and the Sun and out into the solar system where the stars exist. Then, imagine Earth follows its orbit around the Sun. In one year the imaginary line would rotate, pointing to the stars.

Then, the stars swept out by the imaginary line. The stars are said to be in the zodiac. In other words, the zodiac gets its constellations created from imaginary straight line points in a complete year-long trip.

What Are The 12 Zodiac Signs?

Far before 1500 BC, the Babylonians had divided the zodiac into 12 signs. They named them The Great Twins, The Scales, The Lion, and so on, according to the shape of the constellation. Later, these zodiac signs were incorporated into Greek divination. It was Ptolemy, an astronomer as well as the author of Tetrabiblos, who helped make these 12 signs famous.

The 12 zodiac signs are Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. These zodiac signs were matched with dates according to the relationship between their position in the sky and the sun.

Aries becomes the first zodiac in the order because back at the time of the Greeks, the first day of spring began when the sun spotted in the constellation Aries. Therefore, everything was marked from that time.

Is Astrology Scientific?

Generally, astrology is defined as the belief that astronomical phenomena has the power to influence humans’ lives and their personality traits. What is meant by astronomical phenomena is any aggregates of celestial objects in outer space like planets, comets, starts, etc. including the processes and properties they undergo. How the Mercury is in retrograde is an example of such phenomena.

A particular aspect of astrology, the use of horoscopes to predict the future of a person or to read his/her traits is growing in popularity. Even, lots of magazines have zodiac column and many people enjoy reading the column. Obviously, they are looking for ways to interpret the stars for advice. Astrology seems like a scientific enough as it aims at understanding the stars position.

However, is there any evidence to support that astrology has something to do with human’s personality and lives? The answer is definitely no whatsoever.

Why Do Many People Still Believe In Zodiac Signs?

Even though many people say they don’t believe in zodiac signs, they keep reading horoscope column in magazines. Uncertainty is one of the main reasons that propels many people towards zodiac signs or astrology. Research has revealed that people are generally more stressful when not knowing what could happen when knowing something bad is absolutely going to happen. That is why they try to find a way to take what’s written about their sign a time of disruption.

Astrology also provides an irrational kind of hope when people read a positive thing is going to happen in their life. Even when it is signaling a bad thing, people is still relieved as they it helps them prepare for the bad situation.

Studies in psychology also show that people use astrology as a coping device when they are under conditions of high stress although they actually don’t believe in it under low-stress condition. So, it is clear that astrology helps people to deal with anxiety and stress.

The Number Of People Believing In Zodiac Signs

Since 2004, many people have begun to develop skepticism towards zodiac signs or astrology. Even, more than 90% Chinese people consider it as a baloney. Those who still read horoscope columns in magazines say that they do so just for entertainment purpose. Still, there are some people who believe in astrology and horoscopes.

Based on a study conducted by Nicholas Campion three years ago, it was revealed that over 30 percent of Americans believe that zodiac signs are true. The number is bigger if those who find comfort and insight in the zodiac are included.

Personalities Derived From Zodiac Signs

From the light explanation above, it’s pretty much clear that astrology is not a science as there is no proof that zodiac signs have something to do with people’s personality. However, it is so interesting to know what each of them mean.


This zodiac is from those born between March 23 and April 22. This zodiac has the fire element which signifies a person with this zodiac is a kind rational person. Being rational, an Aries is able to act right in time and see everything clearly. This personality trait saves them from falling for the wrong people. Sapphire and topaz are considered as lucky stones for Aries.


People born between April 23 and May 22 belong to Taurus. In Chinese belief, this zodiac is associated with the sign of the bull that characterizes people’s personalities. Of the major traits of people with this star sign is being bull-headed and they generally don’t think twice when making a decision. Taurus is an earth sign meaning that people with this sign tend to be the settler. They prefer to stay in one place for a long period of time instead of changing places. That is why Taurus persons are often advised not to take jobs which require field trips.


From May 23 to June 22 on the calendar, that start sign of Gemini rules. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is a true sign of communication. That is why a Gemini is often considered as being sociable and talkative. Having an excellent communication skill as their primary weapon, Geminis can adapt easily with new environments as well as challenges in their life. The zodiac with contains air as the element also is also associated with liberty and freedom.


Cancer is the zodiac for anyone born between and June 23 to July 22. It has the water element which is defined as a flexible trait. It means that anyone with this zodiac can easily adapt to any situation they face just like water that can take any shape wherever it is put in. That is why people who believe in zodiac like to get along with Cancers because they can make peace with any kinds of living conditions.


Leo is a symbol of pure and raw energy. This is the sign for people brown somewhere between July 23 and August 22. The zodiac element, which is fire, Leos are known as having warm, passionate, and dynamic personalities. Just like a crackling fire, they are famous for their charismatic, inclusive personality sine. Represented by lion, Leos are also brave, strong, and dominant.


This zodiac cover the dates between and August 23 and September 22. Containing the element of earth, Virgos are known to be a calm and wise person. They generally can focus on their life goals. Governed by Mercury, this earth sign is also a kind of perfectionist personality.


Ruled by Venus, Libras are generally known to be someone who admires connoisseurship, intellectualism, and high art. It is probably because Venus is a planet that governs money, beauty, and love. Libras are also obsessed to strive to create balances in all areas of life. If you were born between September 23 and October 22, you might have these personalities.


The times between October 23 and November 22 belong to Scorpions. They belong to water element which is understood as being adaptable and flexible. Therefore, a Scorpio person is able to find their own path like the water is. They tend to live their life like flowing water. Scorpio is also very intuitive and clairvoyant just like Cancel and its fellow water signs.


The next zodiac sign is Sagittarius that is represented by an archer as a symbol. This fire sign is for people whose birthdays are between November 23 and December 22. Sagittarians are generally considered as being hopeful, lovers of freedom, entertaining, open-minded, honest and intelligent. They are impulsive yet fun and fond of surrounded by a lot of friends. Probably, they are one of the best communicators of all zodiacs.


Those whose birthdays are between December 23 and January 22 are Capricorns. These peoples favor permanence in their live. Therefore, once the find a comfortable place to live, they will stay there forever if possible. Due to this characteristic, they don’t like to wander around and discover the world.

In addition to that, being rational becomes another mark of the personality of a Capricorn person. It is good to own this characteristic but in the other side, it can cause a trouble for most Capricorns as they tend to spend much time thinking in making a decision.


Aquarius is the zodiac sign for anyone born between January 23 and February 22. People born within this time period are known to be a handy person meaning they can do everything with their hands perfectly. Perhaps it can explain why an Aquarius person is good at playing music instruments and creating arts.


The time from February 23 to March 22 is the month of Pisces people. Just like its fellow water signs, Pisces tends to be very easy-going and flexible in almost every situations. They can survive in all kinds of situation. People who believe in zodiac signs usually like people with this zodiac because they can be someone to rely on.

Those are what zodiacs say about people’s personality. Some people believe in them and use the information to anticipate things going on their lives. Meanwhile, some others especially those who are skeptic with astrology think these are just nonsense and even if these are true, it’s just a kind of coincidence.

What about you? What zodiac signs do you have? Although you might not believe in what the horoscope say about your life, it’s nothing to lose to learn some facts about zodiac signs. Although there hasn’t been any scientific evidence supporting the correlation between zodiac signs and personalities, exploring astrology is still important to understand culture and its value in the society.