Attaining insight into some country facts of the world is fun. The fun facts about Ethiopia and its culture on each side of the country enriches our experience. The admiration for the culture created by humans never ends. Every human being is unique and special. Hence, Ethiopia is storing various interesting facts that have not been revealed previously. At this time, we present information on Ethiopia for those of you who express an intense curiosity.

Fun Facts About Ethiopia, A Country Never Colonized

The Maps Of Ethiopia

The strength of a country that was never colonized is the authenticity of its culture and its cultural identity, which is still original. This prompts pride in its residents. Not containing a mix of cultures with colonialists does not mean Ethiopia does not consider a good economy. In 2017, Ethiopia is the globally fastest growing economy. When global growth reaches 2.7%, Ethiopia’s economic growth reaches 8.3%. Ethiopia is proof that the country can grow and develop independently without the helping hand of the colonizers.

Want to grasp five other fun facts about Ethiopia? Check out the following reviews!

1. In Ethiopia There Is The Saltiest Lake in the World

Pond Gaet’ale in Ethiopia

Hearing about saltwater, usually what comes to mind is the ocean. Many people do not realize that natural lakes also have a salinity level that is not different from the sea. Of the numerous salt lakes in the world, it attends that the saline lakes are in Ethiopia. Even the saltiness of this lake exceeds that of the Dead Sea. This terraced lake in Ethiopia is called Pond Gaet’ale, which is located in Afar, Ethiopia. This pool was primarily produced as a result of an earthquake in 2005. The inevitable disaster resulted in the opening of underground hot springs. This water retains a salt content of 43.3%.

2. Ethiopians Love Raw Meat As Their Main Food

For many people consuming raw meat remain not a worthy thing. If raw meat processing is not good, it is likely to be infected with humans’ diseases or parasites. There are many risks to consuming raw meat. But that fear doesn’t apply to Ethiopians. They perceive raw meat can make the body fitter. The residents ignore the tapeworms and other parasites. These are really fun facts about Ethiopia that amaze you.

Raw meat is a dish often sought after. The favorite raw beef is cow beef. Mutton is also preferred, even though it is more overpriced. Goat meat is traditionally served on special occasions.

3. Ethiopia Is The Oldest Country On Earth Since 980 BC.

Ethiopia is a country established in northeastern Africa. Ethiopia, also recognized as the horn of Africa, was formerly known as the Abisina country. The country has ​​1,104,300 square kilometers, the second most active country on the African continent. Apart from never being officially explored, this country has been around since 980 BC. The ancientest human civilization was in this region of Ethiopia. No wonder this country has found the oldest human fossil skeleton, even more than three hundred million years old.

4. Ethiopians Believe Twins Indicate Misfortune

Children represent a gift. That’s how most parents think. Indeed, more so if you have twins. While many parents in various parts of the world struggle to get twins, Ethiopians are worried about twins. They believe twins can foster evil spirits. There is a tradition called mingi. This tradition is carried out to kill deformed babies or twins because of their fear of the babies’ misfortune.

5. Refusing A Cup Of Coffee In Ethiopia Is Immodesty.

Coffee is almost a preferred drink of many people. The caffeine content can sometimes make people addicted. Coffee was unexpectedly discovered in Ethiopia when a goat herder found his flock restless after eating the coffee plants. After discovering coffee and how it is processed, Ethiopians consider coffee a symbol of politeness and hospitality. Therefore, those people who refuse coffee in this country are considered to be rejecting good intentions.

The Horn of Africa

The charm of Ethiopia is endless. Historical facts to the behavior of its inhabitants are endlessly fascinating to peel. At least five fun facts about Ethiopia can be the initial information for exploring Ethiopia more deeply.