We use glass almost every day. Do you ever wonder of the fun facts about glass?  We interact with glass constantly like when we want to drink or when we touching our smartphone screen, and even when we open the window every morning. This versatile material has many interesting facts to be learned about. Let’s check some fun facts about glass below!

Fun facts about glass you might don’t know yet

  1. Glass can be made naturally

Glass as a material can be made by man and can also made naturally. This is proved by the history of our ancestors in using glass called obsidian. With that thing they created knives, jewelry, and weapons. By the intense heat given off from volcanic eruptions, rocks and sand are fused into glass. That’s how this type of glass is naturally created.

  1. Forever the glass can be recycled

Fun Facts About Glass - RecycleThe glass is a material that can be recycled over times without wearing out or losing its quality. Because of use and age won’t deteriorated it, this material included as the easiest materials to recycle.

  1. UV light can be reflected by the brown glass

The reason behind the brown and not clear of your beer glass is because the amber tint can reflect any UV light to prevent the spoilage of the contents. The brown glass are commonly used as food and drink container,  usually in form of bottles. Even windows are using this material to prevent fade and deterioration of upholster.

  1. Recycled glasses are one of the contents in most of new glass

Do you know that most of the glass bottles and jars that you are using today are containing of 25 percent of recycled glass? Yes, and that’s why it’s important for you to keep recycling your bottles in order to help reducing waste in our landfills that potentially harming our environment. This is one of fun facts about glass that you might don’t know yet.

  1. Regular glass is not clear, but greenish in fact
Fun Facts About Glass - Regular Glass vs Low Iron Glass

Fun Facts About Glass – Regular Glass vs Low Iron Glass

Glass in its natural form is not clear but actually in greenish color. It’s natural for the glass. But still, the clear glass can be obtained by reducing the level of irons in the molten glass formula.

  1. Plain glass once used in making windshields
Fun Facts About Glass - Windshield Glass

Windshield Glass

Windshields that we are used when driving cars are made of shatter-proof laminated glass. But windshields  firstly were made out of regular glass as what usually are used for standard windows. The main problem of this was glass would shatter easily during an accident that only became a major hazard for our safety.

The production of our safer, stronger, and more cost effective windshield is started when Henry Ford was injured by flying glass shards because of the old windshield made by regular glass. After that accident, he decided to ask one of his employees, along with a British glass manufacturer to make the safer windshield.

  1. You’ll find that the tempered glass never cracks

Fun Facts About Glass - Tempered GlassType of glass that hardly ever cracks or breaks into shards is the tempered glass. It only breaks under extreme pressure, and even when it does, it won’t break into shards but into smaller granules. How come? By super-cooling glass that previously heated to more than 600 degrees Celsius in a tempering oven, this can cause the outer layer to cool much faster than the inner layer that make this tempered glass has a superior strength


Laminated glass can be repaired

The laminated glass as in windshield material can be repaired while the window glass can’t, how come? It’s because heat and high pressure are needed in the construction of this laminated glass to fuse a flexible membrane that placed between two sheets of glass. That’s why when it’s breaking, it still can hold together so the glass can still be repaired for minor impacts and damage.

Those are some fun facts about glass. Hope that this can be useful for you. Find more Amazing Facts About Glass in here.