Most of you must have ever celebrate a special day called “Mother’s day”. You may curious and want to know about some fun facts about Mother’s day. Here in this article, you can find some of them.

Fun Facts About Mother’s Day That You Might Don’t Know Yet

  1. Hilaria Festival

For three days, the ancient Romans In 250 BC celebrated a spring festival called, Hilaria, which was dedicated to, Cybele, a mother goddess, on the Ides of March. during this time, his followers would make offerings at the temple, hold parades, play games and also go undercover.

  1. 1600s England Mother’s day Tradition

On the 4th Sunday of Lent, children will start the day with a prayer service in honor of the Virgin Mary. afterwards they gave their mother flowers. Mother’s Day like this was a tradition in 1600s England

  1. Julia Ward

Julia Ward Howe

Julia ward, a woman activist who was also a writer and poet (she wrote “republican war songs”) in 1870 recommended a day of peace and strongly encouraged other women to fight war. With this plea, he made Boston recognize the mothers on the second Sunday of June.

  1. Anna Jarvis
Anna Jarvis

Anna Jarvis

Behind the traditional celebration of Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, there is the role of Anna Jarvis, a woman who has never had children, but wants to carry out her own mother’s wish of having a day only for mothers. Tirelessly, she campaigned until on May 8, 1914 President Woodrow Wilson signed a Joint Resolution establishing the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.

  1. Carnations
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Carnations are thought to be made from the tears of Mary (the mother of Jesus) as she wept at Jesus’ feet on the day He was crucified. This carnation is a very popular flower for Mother’s Day

  1. The color of carnation

mothers who were still alive were given pink and red carnations, while mothers who had died were given white carnations

  1. Benefit of giving Bouquet

There are many positive health and psychological benefits of giving a bouquet according to current studies and research

  1. Common Gifts

On Mother’s Day, common gifts that can be given to mothers include: cards, flowers, restaurant food, jewelry, gift cards, clothes, trips to the spa, books, CDs, household items, and even garden tools.

  1. Unusual tradition of mother’s day

On Mother’s Day, children in what was then Yugoslavia, will tie their mothers up and will only be free when the mother presents the children with gifts. This is truly one of fun facts about mother’s day that you just know about it.

  1. The youngest mother

The youngest mother, 5, gave birth to her son in 1939 in Lima, Peru, by caesarean section. she raised her son like a brother.

  1. The oldest giving birth mother

recorded in history, satyabhama mahapatra, the oldest woman who gave birth to her first son on April 9, 2003 after 50 years of marriage. he is a 65 year old retired school teacher in India. however, her ovum cells were donated by her 26 year old niece.

  1. Septuplet

Bobbie McCaughey has a septuplet (four baby boys and three girls) who was born on November 19, 1997 by caesarean section after 31 weeks of pregnancy

  1. The shortest span in giving birth
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Jayne Bleackley gave birth to her daughter on march 30, 2000. It was 208 days later after previously she gave birth to her son on September 3, 1999. This is known as the shortest span between two babies.

  1. The longest span in giving birth

Elizabeth Ann Buttle gave birth to her son on November 20, 1997, when she was 60 years-old. It’s exactly as long as 41 years 185 days after her first giving birth to her first child (a girl) on May 19, 1956.

Other Facts About Mother’s Day

Facts About Mother's dayHere we give you the addition of some other facts about mother’s day:

  1. Rhea, the mother goddess who was the wife of Cronus, is believed to be the mother of many gods in Greek mythology. in his honor, a spring festival was held.
  2. About a quarter of all flowers purchased throughout the year fall on Mother’s Day
  3. The word “mother” in most languages of the world begins with the letter M.
  4. Cats were believed to be sacred animals by the ancient Egyptians. as for the bast is revered as the mother of all cats on Earth.
  5. Calls to mothers in the United States can reach as many as 122 million calls on Mother’s Day.
  6. Mother’s Day celebrations can cost up to Approximately $ 14 billion dollars

Those are some fun facts about mother’s day. We hope these facts can be useful for you, readers!