You may curious about the main source of our earth, the sun. In this article you’ll see 7++ facts about sun. Let’s check facts of the sun below!

7 Facts about sun

  1. What is the sun?

Sun From Earth View

The sun is a giant spherical star that is rich in hydrogen and helium as its main constituents. To be able to say a star, the giant ball must have a mass between about 1.4 x 1029 kg and 3.0 x 1032 kg or in other words about 75 times the mass of Jupiter and no more than 150 times the mass of the star itself. In addition, the star must undergo nuclear fusion, which is the joining of two lighter nuclei in the context of a star in the form of hydrogen gas to produce a heavier atomic nucleus, helium gas.

  1. Sun size

Sun Size Compare To Other Planets

The Sun is still small when compared to the size of the largest stars known as red giants. However, the size is also not too small because it is still slightly larger than the size of most stars in the universe.

Whereas in our solar system, the mass of the sun is the most massive compared to other objects in our solar system. 99.8% of the total mass of our Solar System is the mass of the Sun.

The giant fireball, the Sun, is about 1.4 million kilometers in diameter or the equivalent of 870,000 miles. It can also be said as a comparison that the diameter of the sun is 110 times the diameter of the earth. With such a comparison, a million planets from Earth could just fill the sun earlier. Wow!

  1. What kind of star is the sun?

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  1. Another name of the sun

To us, we may think of the Sun as a unique celestial body, but it seems that in this universe the sun is just one of trillions of other stars. The sun is not something that is wow when viewed from a distance of stars. This sun is a major hotter star whose surface temperature reaches 5027 ° C to 5,727 ° C.

in the Milky Way galaxy, the sun-like stars number about 7 billion. if this assumption is correct then it could be the same star as the sun in this universe could reach one trillion!

Other facts of the sun

  1. What’s the other name of the Sun? The sun does not have an official scientific name but is commonly called Sol, after the ancient Roman sun god. from this term also so that we get the name of the solar system that is familiar to our ears.
  2. How is the comparison of the earth and the sun? Sun has a mass about 330,000 times greater than the mass of the earth. three-quarters is hydrogen and the remainder is mostly helium. The sun is able to accommodate about 1 million Earths, more specifically as many as 960,000 Earths and if pressed until no more space is wasted, it can reach 1,300,000 Earths which the Sun can control. The surface area itself is 11,990 times the surface area of the earth. Wow!
  3. What’s the amazing facts about sun? The sun could consume the earth one day. The sun will continue to burn until it runs out of fuel. it will burn all of its hydrogen and not helum in about 130 million years. During this time, it will expand in size in such a way that it eventually engulfs Mercury, Venus, and Earth. At that time, he too will become a red giant star.
  4. How’s the sun creates energy? This massive energy is generated when four hydrogen nuclei combine to form one helium nucleus. This process of producing energy called nuclear fusion.
  5. How come the sun is shaped like a perfectly round ball? The object in nature that comes closest to a perfect sphere is the sun because the difference in diameter between the poles and its equator is only 10 km!

Those are some facts about sun. Hope that this can be useful for you. You can also read Facts About star in here.