Previous post we’ve already described Fun Facts About Ethiopia. Now, in this post we will talk about Uganda. Do you ever heard Uganda fun facts in a meantime? We think you may need to know the fun facts of the exotic and full of wildlife country that will breathtaking you if you go there. Winston Churchill himself even said that Uganda is the pearl of Africa, with lots of natural resources and neighbour-like-family residence. Once you visit Uganda, you can stop praise the view or country beauty that may not available in your country.

There are Uganda fun facts that mostly originated from their land, culture, and wildlife. But, you may found out that Uganda has another fun fact that’s not related to the wildlife or the culture. The technology in Uganda, how the people keep the wildlife and adventure track in Uganda, and what’s Uganda export for their national economy. If you interesting in knowing more Uganda, you can read the fun facts below!

Facts About Uganda: Uganda Largest Export is Coffee

Coffee Farmer Of Uganda

Let’s set aside the wildlife first and talked about another natural resource that Uganda uses as their crutch of economic. Uganda agriculture condition makes them grow and cultivate the coffee so that they can export coffee to another country such as the US and Switzerland. The coffee that they export is Robusta and Arabica. Because of the rain consistency in Uganda, the coffee plant grows just as how they predicted.

Green Motor Company

A Kiira Ev Company Car

Don’t you know that Uganda also has a motor company, but with green technology? The name of the company is Kiira Motors Company. Kiira Motors is a green company that focused on environmental sustainability. So, everything they do for the vehicle, they always use a green way to operate the motor. Things such as hybrid electric vehicle and manufactured solar-powered business are the common things the Kiira Motors put on their work.

Has Their National Bird

The National Bird Of Uganda

In Uganda, you can find their national bird called the grey-crowned crane. It’s called the grey-crowned crane because, in up of its head, there is grey part like a crown with additional golden feathers of crown that you can see clearly. The bird is monogamous, which means that they only do reproduce with just one partner. The bird shares the same response of taking care of their children and they can climb the tree with their foot.

Big 5 of The African Safari

The Famous African Safari

When you’re in Uganda, you can see the famous big 5 of African Safari directly with your eyes. The big 5 are African Cape Buffalo, African Bush Elephant, Southern White Rhino, African Leopards, and African Lions. They are known as the wildlife treasure of Africa since it has a lesser number than the usual types and only lives in Africa.

Live of Youth Population

Believe it or not, there are only 2% population of people age over 65 years-old in Uganda. The 48% consist of 14 years old or under and that leads Uganda to second-most youthful country all over the world. The rest of the percentage is 50% which consist of various age start from over 14 until 65.

If there’s an escaping country for your monotonous activities, then Uganda will become the best one that includes in your list. Moreover, if you like to hike, bike, swimming in an open waterfall, or to explore the green side of the country, Uganda is the best choice you have so far. In Uganda, you will see a new side of life that maybe you never been experienced before. The wildlife, the culture, and the people make it cooler. After knowing the Uganda fun facts,  we assure you will start to imagine how to travel there. Explore also Facts About Africa in our site.