Known for its variety and diversity culture, you will always found something different and unique in India, including the Indian food facts. With lots of spices that mix in one cuisine, Indian food offer you a rich taste and strong spices as the result of the country rich natural resources. From creamy, spicy, to sweet taste, you can taste that from even one Indian cuisine.

It’s said in Indian food facts known by some people, the Indian food only consist of turmeric, pepper, chilli, and anything that has a strong taste like that. In the reality, India adds another special spice that their farmer cultivates. You can name the taste from spices by lavana, katu, kasya, tikta, and many others. It’s just like a Chinese cuisine that has their special spices called 5 Spices or Ngohiong in the Chinese language. If you wonder what’s another uniqueness, you can read the information below!

 Indian Food Facts No. 1: Less Meat Cuisine

You may only find chicken and lamb in India cuisine rather than find beef in the table. India has become the second-lowest rate for meat consumption per year, followed by most Indian believe to not eat beef as it was a holy animal of the gods. But that doesn’t mean they do the vegetarian way of life. They didn’t do that because of the believe they adhere. There are only 29% of people all around India who did the vegetarian diet.

Indian Food Facts No. 2: The Heaven of Spices

An assortment of some of the essential Indian spices. Turmeric is essentially known for its ancient medicinal uses and is predominantly used in almost all kinds of food preparation in India.

South-East Asian people may be proud if they have lots of spices in their home. It’s still considered a little number in India household. In every home, there must be more than 50% of spices stored in the kitchen. When you eat meat, put the spices. If you want to create a sauce, mix with the spices. India indeed is the heaven of spices, thanks to the soil land of the country and the various types of spices growth in India.

Indian Food Facts No. 3: Introducing Staple Diet

In Western countries, the staple diet is such a normal thing. They eat oatmeal and grains more than the Asians eat them. Asians, especially Indians love to put the steamed rice with a mix of spices with meat or vegetable. But in India, they also introduce a staple diet from 6,000 BCE when people who want to diet only eat legumes and grains to make their weight controlled.

Indian Food Facts No. 4: Home of The Hottest Chilli

By Asit K. ghosh Thaumaturgist – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

So it’s not Jalapeño that was the hottest chilli? No, in a literal way. Jalapeño is insanely spicy but there’s a chilli that spicier than Jalapeño. It’s called bhut jolokia or ghost pepper. The chilli was certified by Guinness World Record as the hottest chilli, beat the Tabasco sauce.

Indian Food Facts No. 5: Food Category

Indian device the food category based on their medicinal system. There’s Satvic for the do that has a function to give a purifying effect to the body and mind. After Satvic, there’s Rajasic food that consists of spicy, oil, and salty taste that will make people ambitious. Last, there’s Tamasic food which is toxic, hard-to-proceed food.

There’s no doubt why Indian food tastes so rich, bold, and strong until its exploding in our whole mouth fantastically. They already categorize the food even the spices to create some kind of food with a particular taste that they mix it. For example, the taste of Tikka Masala that consist of lavana (salty) and a little bit of sour (amala), or the Ladoo that consist of madhura (sweet) taste. Now if you are going to India or want to cook Indian cuisine, you don’t have to be confused because you already know the Indian food facts. Find more food facts in here.