As a great country, it is certain that USA has so many great things including its history. Tons of events have happened, and they have brought USA to be what we know today. When it comes to the historical side of this country, we should also talking about the president. Yes, indeed, this country has had so many presidents and each of the presidents has done great favor for the development of this country. However, among those presidents, we might know some prominent ones. Whenever you are asking about the founding father or the first leader of this great country, your mind has actually thought about a great man named George Washington. As the first president of the USA, George Washington had so many great things that have been done during his presidency in leading America. So many historical sources claim that George Washington was a more than just fine president. However, in addition to great, favors that had been done by him, not all people know there are some interesting facts about this American first president. Do you want to know about the George Washington facts? Then, you must continue reading this text.

Let us start by talking about the fact that George Washington as the part of the founding fathers of this country was the pioneer and the man who freed his slaves. Well, it can be said that George Washington is one who might be responsible in the eradication of slavery in America. You also need to know that George Washington is one and only president who did not live in Washington DC. Well, there is no exact reason he did not live in this capital city. However, there are some rumors which say that actually George Washington did not like to live in crowded place. That is why he chose not to stay in Washington DC. You might have known that George Washington was originally a farmer before he was elected to be president. However, do you know that George grew marijuana in the farm? Well, this fact seems to be quite contradicting with the condition at this recent time. However, it is also the proof that to plant marijuana at that time was fine. Still connected to the fact that George was a farmer, it is also a fact that he was the one who firstly introduced mule to America. Up to these days, mule is still used to handle farms by the modern farmers. His name is used as the part of the country’s capital, 31 counties, and more than 17 cities in America to show that he was an honorable man.

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As the president, George Washington actually had the background as a mason. You also need to know that he was the only president of this superior country who won the unanimous vote during the Electoral College. Well, although George Washington is often claimed to be one of the greatest, but he was also the only president who had the shortest 2nd inaugural address compared to the other president. The amount of the words of the address which was delivered was only 135 words. Another interesting part of the George Washington facts is that he had a set of wooden. There are only a few of people who know about this. That is why some people called Washington as Old Mutton head. Well, those are the fabulous and interesting facts that you should know about this president. Although some of the facts sound quite silly for a president, but it is also true that this man had brought America to be this great by placing the fundamental values for this country. Make the facts that have been mentioned before as the way to honor and know him more.