Irish culture facts relate closely to their struggle against the British empire, decades ago. Even if it remains a part of British isles, it is already independent. Its agricultural products are abundant, though Ireland still can count on pharmaceuticals and chemicals product as export commodities.

Do Irish Culture Facts Relate To Its Independence?

Irish Culture

Some kinds of Irish culture relates to its independence over Britain. The Irish War of Independence had such a great influence on Irish civilization at this moment, though. The war that took place from 1919 to 1921 ended when Britain and Ireland had the Anglo-Irish Treaty which established the Irish Free State. But the declaration of the Republic of Ireland was in 1949 when the country left the British Commonwealth.

Everlasting Symbols

Irish SymbolsIreland is popular with some symbols. The first is the green Shamrock. This was the Irish heritage symbol that has deep meaning. It was St. Patrick, who used the shamrock as the identity of the Irish. St, Patrick used the three clovers in explaining the Trinity so that nonbelievers would convert to Christianity in the 4th century. This was actually the beginning of the St. Patrick’s day celebration. The amazing thing is that St. Patrick’s day is celebrated worldwide up to now. The second is The Claddagh ring, this have a deep meaning about loyalty (the crown), everlasting love (the heart), and friendship (the hands).

Another popular symbol that represents Ireland is the Celtic cross. This kind of cross can be found in old cemeteries throughout Ireland, and also in other countries like Wales and Scotland. Again, it was St. Patrick who introduced this symbol, when he was converting kings to Christianity from paganism.

The role of St. Patrick had a strong influence in Ireland. The majority of Irish people are Roman Catholic. Moreover, the mass attendance in this country is the highest among other countries where Roman Catholic is the majority religion. More of Irish symbols in here.

Unequal Irish Harp

Harp is also one of several symbols that represent Irish culture. It may not be as popular as the two previously mentioned symbols. But, the Irish harp is still seen in several important subjects, like Irish euro coins, official documents, as well as some organizations. Even the label of Guinness beer contains the Irish harp. Another commercial Irish company, Ryan Air, also uses this symbol on its planes’ tail fins.

The Origin Of Halloween

The majority of young people in the millennium thought that Halloween was originated in the US. The fact is that Halloween has its origins in Samhain’s Gaelic festival, approximately in the 9th century. It was the harvest festival that marked the end of summer, every 31 October. Samhain also related to the All Saints celebration on November 1st since the early Middle Ages. After centuries, the two celebrations were combined into Halloween. The first Halloween celebration in Ireland was Foyle Halloween Carnival. It was a street party.

Original Language

People in Ireland mostly speak England and Irish. But, the original language was actually Irish Gaelic. It is related to several languages from Welsh, Scottish, and Manx. The language was spreading out around the 10th century. Yet, Irish Gaelic was disappearing, due to the vast immigration of Irish people to other countries. The immigration took place after a severe famine in the 18th century.

At this moment, the modern Irish language is becoming one of the major curricula in school. Many Irish Gaelic’s fluent speakers, the older citizens, are only less than 400,000 people.

Pub And Beer

Irish people love to drink beer. The consumption of beer in this country is in second place after the Republic of Czech. This is also the reason why there giant beer companies from this country like Harp Lager, Smithwicks, and, of course, Guinness. Guinness has been still the biggest stout brewer in the world since 1914.

Nowadays, there are always Irish Pubs in every country. Pubs, in Ireland, have been the main places for everyone to gather. Mostly, they watch live events. The oldest and the first pub in Ireland, which still exists, is Sean’s Bar. Located in Athlone, this pub established almost a century ago. Another oldest pub is Grace Neill’s Bar, which was built in 1611 in Donaghadee.

The Country Of Music

Ireland is always popular for its music tradition. The traditional music of Ireland was spreading at the arrival of Celts in Ireland. The Celts adopted musical instruments and influence from Egypt. The Celts distributed the kind of music to several countries besides Ireland, such as Wales and Scotland. But, only Ireland maintains this kind of music until now.

Some popular artists from this country still apply the tone of traditional Irish music. They include Enya, The Corrs, U2, Boyzone, Lyra, James Vincent McMorrow, and so forth.

Top Sites That Represent Irish Culture

The strong Irish culture must be related to the massive arrays of heritage sites in Ireland. They include:

  1. Newgrange

The oldest one was the passage grave Newgrange. It is still perfectly maintained and looks good, regardless of its establishment in 3200 BCE. Located in County Meath, this Neolithic site, is classified as the biggest one in Europe. It contains a monument, in which its central room was built with the alignment of the winter solstice’s rising sun.

  1. Knowth 

Located near Newgrange, this passage grave comprises great numbers of megalithic art, which surpasses all similar structures throughout Western Europe.

  1. The Céide Fields

Situated in County Mayo, the fields were the oldest field systems which were established approximately 6,000 years ago. There is also the biggest stone enclosure in Europe which is 77 km long. So far, the fields are regarded as the world’s biggest Stone Age site.

  1. The Hill of Uisneach

This is the center of Irish culture and mythology. Located in County Westmeath, its main attraction is the magnificent view of 22 counties in Ireland. This place also provides tours in visiting the cultural sites nearby such as The Royal Palace, Lough Lugh, the Catstone, and the peak which is known as St. Patrick’s Bed.

Exotic Irish Culture Facts Still Bring

Irish culture facts represent the richness of Ireland’s art and culture, which we can see until now. Today, Ireland is no longer a country under the Commonwealth. It is a rich country with great income from agricultural products. But, it still maintains its art and culture faultlessly.